DIY furniture, DIY: DIY dining table with building instructions

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How to build a garden table of pallets

DIY pallet furniture is already one of the most popular ideas when it comes to home-made furniture. They are always trendy. Especially now, with the spring break and the long-awaited summer around the corner, we want to stay longer and relax in the garden or on the balcony. At the same time, we feel a strong, creative force within us and want to create something new ourselves. This can be done with Europalettes, which is uncomplicated and original. Also all kinds of wooden pallets generally as well as loose wooden boards are suitable for garden furniture itself build simply perfect. You just have to shorten it here, because to screw and turn around the great pieces are finished.

Today we have a simple but very original and practical DIY idea ready for you. This is a garden table made of pallets. Look at everything in peace and dare to put your skill to the test!

DIY furniture: DIY idea for a dining table


You need these materials:

  • Europalette / wood pallets 100 x 100cm
  • Wooden palette 120 x 100cm
  • 4 meters wooden board 2 x 2
  • 100 x 100cm safety glass
  • Breakers
  • Wood saw
  • 76 x wood screws – 5 x 60mm
  • drill
  • Carpentry hammer
  • Sandpaper / belt sander
  • Color for wood


  • First take the wooden pallet 120 x 100cm and disassemble it using the crumbling tool.
  • Then remove all the nails with the carpenter’s hammer.
  • You should shorten the length lists in the following length:

8 x table feet: 70 x 660mm

  • For the table frame you need:

4 x 70 x 680mm Wooden boards

  • For the crossbeams:

8 x 320mm with 45 degree angle (as can be seen below)

Cross support for reinforcing the table feet

Garden furniture-self-building-guide-for-a-dining-table

Step 1: Combine the main frame of the table, as shown in the picture below.

Diy-guide-for-dining-table-self-built-garden furniture



Step 2: First, place the table feet by attaching two wooden blocks to each other.

Wooden pallets-diy-ideas-dining-tables-outdoor-furniture-self-built

Step 3: Attach the upper end of the table feet to the table frame.


Step 4: Use the cross beams to reinforce the table legs.

Wooden pallets-diy-instructions-for-dining-table-furniture

Step 5: Then simply screw the table feet with the whole frame to the square wooden pallet and turn your DIY garden table over.

Wooden pallets-wooden-boards-diy-dining-table-for-garden-furniture-self-build


Step 6: Decorate your table according to your own taste and personal preferences. For example with color…

Tables-of-wood-self-built-garden furniture-of-palettes

We simply painted our garden table in white, because this makes it easy to combine with all other colors. Blue chairs, for example, look stunningly maritime and give the garden or the terrace a wonderful summer mood. On the top of the table, of course, you place the safety glass and you have finished your own dining table. Now you can Something delicious cooking And invite guests to join.

Enjoy your work and celebrate!

Depending on the length of the table you can of course also build a couch table

Diy-garden furniture-ideas-couch-tables-of-euro-pallets

This also applies to low DIY garden benches made of pallets


The garden benches can also be painted in blue

Garden furniture-diy-ideas-for-dining-room-and-garden-sofas

Now it just means: Sit down and enjoy the great moment!


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