DIY ideas from old pallets or how can a dog hut be built?

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A cozy home for your beloved dog

We must pay as much attention as possible to our beloved pets, and never neglect our loving care for them, so that they may show us all their love and fidelity. If you keep your dog out in the yard, you must first give him a Suitable and comfortable accommodation to back up. Today, we would like to introduce you to a clever idea of ​​how to quickly and effortlessly build a dog hut from the old and supposedly useless pallets. On the other hand, this can be used as a sleeping place for your dog. On the other hand, it could turn into an absolute eyecatcher in your colorful garden by the detailed and precise elaboration of the appropriate design concept and with the help of a unique decoration!

The required tools:

  • Old pallets
  • hammer
  • Pliers
  • saw
  • Nails
  • Leveling device

Building a dog hut – Our detailed instruction:

  • Dismantle the old wooden pallets to win the boards necessary for the kennel. The following video shows how this task can be done quickly and efficiently at first sight:

The nails can be easily removed with a hammer and pliers so that the entire pallet gradually disintegrates into its components. Since some boards exhibit certain defects and therefore have an unaesthetic effect, they must first be separated from the straight boards. Leave the crooked pieces of wood aside and grab back to them in the implementation of a future DIY project!

Build a kennel and enjoy the result

  • Design your own blueprint on a sheet of paper by determining the size of each part of the dog hut itself. This visualization of your original idea will help you cut the boards and calculate the desired dimensions. Namely, this point proves in most cases to be a boom in which many projects fail.

    Everything depends, of course, on the size of your dog and his needs. Make sure that the hut is large enough for your pet, so it does not feel depressed. Do not exaggerate, however, otherwise the cottage will remain cold and uncomfortable in winter.

Our example for a somewhat luxurious dog hut

Dog house design of bauplan

  • Carefully cut the boards with the saw and divide them into different stacks depending on the intended use. The floorboards, for example, should be separated from the roof boards, so that they do not get mixed up during the subsequent assembly. Afterwards, use the hammer and the nails to assemble the front and rear parts by nailing two slightly smaller boards on their inner sides, as these will serve as supports and thus make the hut more resistant.

Doghound build made easy

Old pallets become dog kennels

  • Cut an enough high and wide entrance that allows enough sunlight and fresh air to pass. However, it should not lie directly on the ground so that the hut is not flooded during the rain. Finally, attach the roof panels to the entire construction and check for holes, gaps, or other defects for the last time. You can paint the hut in a flashy color and decorate it with different moody elements. Then place a soft pillow on the floor and finally load the householder!

The finished dog hut enjoy

◊Extra Tip: You can have four supporting legs 90 × 90 cm. From the crooked planks, in order to lift the kennel easily and give it more stability. In this way, your pet is easier to access to his new house. To seal and cover the wooden roof, use roofing. This serves for better insulation and protects against rain and wind. Through the entrance you can nail a canopy.

Wooden pallets dogwood build

Dogshower – what size fit for your dog?

Wood dog house build

Hundeschütte bauen – Even if the house is quite simple, your pet will be hugely happy! After all, this is where the love of the craft is most important!

Dog shelter of pallets

Wood is the most practical material for making a practical and comfortable dog hut in the yard

To build a cozy huette

The skillful carpenters among you can unfold all your artistic potential and imagination

To build a dog kennel from wood

Wooden pallets for new projects

Hund hut build from pallets

Wooden pallets hundhuette fast and efficient build

A dog kennel in pink

A comfortable and cozy house for the pet

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