DIY Indian Tent For Your Kids

Wigwam patterning colorful garlands

Build a chic Tepee for your children

We want to find a child that would hate to have a tepee? I can not do that anyway. Instead of wanting to stop this all the time, they could create at home the prerequisites for it. So the small will romp home and walks could be really relaxed.

Do you want to know how to create a tepee?

What you need to do:

6 wooden poles
Drilling machine
Hot glue gun
Some jute and material with which you can cover everything

Measuring about 30 centimeters from the ground and determine the center of the Board.

Make now a hole in the appropriate places
Wigwam drill

It may be, da ss A second pair of hands good can use. Now you besaiten them, until you reach the Indian tent construction.

Wrap the jute until the whole thing is quite stable

Wigwam stable wooden structure

With glue gun attach the lower parts to the ground.

So you’ll be sure there ss that whole not collapsing when running the kids around

Tepee long boards with cable

Now we come to the creative part. You can while das always with tent materials out of business, but there are also alternative. Certainly you have clothes which you hardly ever used in the dressing room.

The work is even funnier by the different fabrics and colors

Wigwam linen and fabric remnants

At the beginning, it is slightly more complicated and elaborate, but ultimately the whole thing is worth. Divide the clothes into strips and begin to wrap around the structure so that, in the manner, as you previously did with the rope.

Put the pieces together and secure them with adhesive

Wigwam with strips of cloth wrapping around

When you reach the Center, then you start to pull the fabric through the bars. You must adhere to the following order: about, including, moreover, among them.  With a bitchen wire plastic you can secure the fabrics on the rods.

After you have covered the entire Wigwam, you can decorate it to taste

Indian tent with large pillows and Sheepskin

Their children are there at night very like to read books.

So it is more convenient, there you can get a snuggle en Stretch carpet

Wigwam with illumination

Actually would don’t you sit yourself like there? I must also admit to have a tepee, was always been one my greatest dreams.

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