DIY Interior Ideas And Kitchen Ideas From Ancient Objects

DIY Interior ideas creative kitchen ideas themselves make

DIY ideas with old objects from the kitchen

Consider the theme with the DIY Interior ideas at least in two aspects. We can think about what we all need. Then we search for the matching DIY ideas on the net. We could proceed but also different: we are collecting old objects, we still like. We make ideas about what DIY Interior ideas you could make it. Both strategies generally provide fabulous results.

DIY Interior ideas and creative kitchen ideas

DIY Interior ideas kitchen ideas DIY Behäller

Clean up your kitchen

Today we want to motivate you to clean up your kitchen. Certainly, you need no reason to clean up the beautiful objects, which can be great DIY ideas. You can be marketed at different premises used.

So you can bring the old wooden spoons to life

DIY Interior ideas kitchen ideas wooden spoon Färblich spice it up

Knife block with Shish kebab skewers yourself build

DIY Interior ideas kitchen ideas knife storage itself make

DIY Interior ideas for the garden

You’ll be amazed how you can make functional and beautiful the garden thanks to DIY Interior ideas with items from the kitchen. From old teapots, one can create an irrigation system.

Build irrigation system from old tea kettles in the garden

DIY Interior ideas garden ideas DIY irrigation system teapots

Furthermore, virtually all old items from the kitchen as a plant container can be use.

DIY lamps

The lamps are the other group of DIY Interior ideas which you easily creates from kitchen items. All larger glass or metal pots are ideal for this purpose. If you have several such vessels, they could create even a small art installation from it.

Pendant luminaires do not belong to the most popular DIY projects

DIY Interior ideas kitchen ideas DIY pendant lights materials

Old tubs turn in shabby Shic pendant luminaires

DIY Interior ideas kitchen ideas DIY pendant lamps kitchen

Friction lights fit thematically in the kitchen

DIY kitchen ideas DIY pendant lights from friction

The funnel are rustic candle holders at the same time

DIY kitchen ideas DIY candlestick itself make

Storage space

Also DIY Interior ideas, which give more storage space, are very universal. Almost all typical kitchen tools, larger cutlery or crockery pieces can be used. Think of the large spoon, which you cook. Would he not beautifully look like, if you hang it on the wall and there place spices, SOAP or other?

Chic Trowels offer more storage space

DIY kitchen ideas storage space Küchenitensilien Kellen

The cheese grater would be ideal for some people with their holes to hang from earrings and other jewelry pieces, which you would otherwise super fast lose.

The grater has some hidden talents

DIY kitchen ideas grater jewellery storage earrings

Want to refresh your old kitchen shelves, then you cover these with Washi tape

DIY kitchen ideas, kitchen shelves Wishi tape

Comfort in the kitchen will not necessarily have a high price

DIY kitchen ideas, kitchen utensils In use

Use hemp fabric to add chic rustic accents

DIY Interior ideas kitchen ideas storage space kitchen utensils

What do whisk and tea have in common?

DIY Interior ideas kitchen ideas whisk lanterns crafts

DIY mural from kitchen utensils

DIY Interior ideas wall decoration kitchen dining room kitchen ideas

DIY ideas also for the garden

DIY garden ideas themselves make kitchen ideas craft