DIY Jewelry Making – 13 DIY Ideas How Best To Succeed

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Jewelery stand making spikes

Jewelry stands themselves and finally the jewelry collection can overlap

Who of us women does not know the situation in which the favorite necklace or hairpin is simply not to be found. The matching earrings to the outfit also seem to be missing. Is it possible at all to keep all the jewelery and accessories in order and maintain a permanent overview?

There are many ways. The best solution, which we write about today, is the”tailor-made”. To create a separate system of ordering in the Klartext, which makes you feel good about yourself.

Today we will give you inspiring impulses, which hopefully will keep you satisfied.

You may not even guess how many useless objects suddenly find application.

1.) Two in one – an organic wood arrangement that looks good and shows a practical application

The jewelery stand itself is made of limestone

In our first example, you are amazed: how simple and how original it is! Small sticks, collected in the forest during a walk, color-coated and glued with glue fixed to this inconspicuous wooden panel. Just genius!

2.) Well, it’s really better to keep your eyes on walking

Make the jewelery stand yourself

3.) The jewelry stand itself becomes a jewelry

Jewelery stands themselves make nails

The next imaginative scheme is a simple, old clothes hanger. Look at yourself how quickly it comes back into use.

4.) With this remodeled hanger you get the desired overview

Jewelery stand self making clothes hangers idea

You can attach the screws both to the side and inside the hanger

Jewelery stands make hanger clothes hanger

Effective and very practical – do not underestimate your old items

Jewelry stands make simple clothes hangers easy

Making jewelry itself can be so simple. Mosquito protection net and find the ultimate solution for all your accessories. Not only bracelets and necklaces and earrings are placed here. There is also space for your sunglasses and wrist watches.

5.) You can also get the same result with an old tennis racket

Jewelery stands can be made in the frame net

Making jewelry itself, goes even with small toy figures, which even halved, quite convincing.

The idea is somewhat more complex, but the result is all the more pleasing

Jewelry stands make children's toys

Antlers is a very difficult topic, belonging rather to long forgotten times. Well, that’s not quite true. In the following example, this antler is shown in a very different light. If you could imagine, with some gold and glitter the material up, you now have an individual jewelry stand.

6.) A great idea, but do not be caught by the animal rights activists

Jewelery stands themselves make vintage antlers

If you just do not like Cup Cakes, you can use the Etagere for storing jewelry. Somehow this looks very delicious and noble.

7.) A refined solution with muffins-etagere

Jewelry stand making cup cakes

What an incredible idea – to turn an old cutlery drawer, paint it and show it in a new glow.

8.) Drawers are often very well preserved and allow many variations

Jewelery stand self making drawer

To screw a drawer on the wall is something for individualistic individuals

Jewelery stands themselves make drawer aquamarine

It is worthwhile to collect the corks from long, cozy wine evenings. The cork is a light, natural and unlikely practical material. Look at the pictures and see for yourself.

9.) According to the wall principle you design your own cork template for the earrings

Jewelry stands make corks in frame

For your numerous earrings there is finally an order in a very original form. The old grater you’d almost missed. The earrings are in safety, you have the overview and above all- all your friends will find the great.

10.) At home I use the grater, but if this mug is free, give it a task

Jewelery stands themselves make rub

11.) Still no idea for the torn bamboo blind? Now you can use them well

Jewelery stands themselves make old sound

Another idea that is so simple, cheap and very functional – plaited yarn. The material is organic, light and quite safe to find in every household.

12.) Here is much beauty and love in the game – a self-braided jewelery system

Jewelery stands themselves make braided yarn

The next idea is very fast. You need a medium sized wooden board and chopping or nails from the hardware store. You can also use wood fiber boards, and when you are done, screw them to the wall. Depending on the size, this is not only your jewelery, but also small handbags or even a hat can be found there.

13) Turn the practical jewelry stand into a piece of art!

Jewelery stands are made of wood

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