Drag Kites – The Best Time To Get Started Now

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That the summer days are getting shorter and the morning hours getting colder, no one can escape… The summer”melts”slowly and surely, which is why many people are already sad and dissatisfied.

In some of our previous articles, we have enumerated enough reasons to help us to see the dreary but splendid autumn with other eyes and to enjoy a bit further.

Let the vibrations of the summer brighten your autumn days

Kiteboarding holland wings

In the autumn the weather gets colder, the wind stronger and you prefer to pout at home instead of doing something cool outside. Outside?! In the weather?! You should dress to the weather, have a headgear and have to go with friends, for example.

Feel the freedom and the wind

Kite boarding children

If that is not exciting enough, let us remind you of a long forgotten hobby, which quickly becomes passion and favored leisure activity. Pack your belongings, go to the sea and let go kites. A few days on the coast, fresh wind and delicious fish soup – that would not only do you good, it would charge you with fantastic emotions and leave tingling memories.

Beautiful memories you have when you have great things experienced

Kite rise holland teenager

A spontaneous trip can be done with the partner, with the family or all alone. When one has children, one has the rare opportunity to teach them an ancient tradition that is older than 2500 years. The tradition of kite climbing is to come from the Asian area. In Indonesia they are even honored as art.

A few days on the coast can do a good

Kite climbing children by the sea

If you do not have a pale glimmer of dragons, but always wanted to do it, there would be FB groups for people with common interests where you can find a partner to go kite or go straight to a dragon festival. In the second case, you will be given the opportunity to see unique dragon creations, guided by experienced people.

Bring your children this old and artistic tradition

Kiteboarding allow children's joy
Kite boarding holland child

As long as the sun shines, one must not allow sad thoughts

Kite boarding Holland by the sea

On the outskirts, dragons also go very well

Kiteboarding children

For beginners

Are you a beginner and do your very first experiences with wind and kite?

For your reassurance, we might mention that 3-4-year-old children can already deal with a simple kite. Buy the simplest and let the seller explain everything in the store. For those of you who still feel insecure, we add the following video, in which it is explained step by step, what is important in the kite, in advance and also during this time.

A simple kite would be better

Kiteboarding holland sport steering kites

Give yourself a few beautiful moments outside in the nature

Kite boarding Holland coast

And how to get kite flying is explained in the video

Dragons are preparing for joy that everyone should experience

Kite climbing children's light

Drag kites together

Depending on how big the kite is and also how strong the wind blows, one can make the beautiful experience with two or three.

Two-in-one you can control well and experience a huge fun

Kiteboarding holland 4
Drag the holland handle
Kiteboarding leave holland küstenfeeling
Kiteboarding children

dragon models

There are simple dragons on a leash that may look beautiful on the blue background of the sky, but can be affected little. The two-pair can, in contrast, be wonderfully controlled and makes, if one has some experience with it, much fun.

And when we are talking about the theme of fun, we wish you a good mood and a lot of fun on all autumn days!

Kiteboarding children's monsters
To let go holland 2
Hitchhiking 3
To go holland 5
Kiteboarding leave Holland together
Kite boarding holland kaefer
Kiteboarding holland
Kite boarding kids cool
Kiteboarding children's kite festival
Kite climbing children's triangle
Kite climbing children's festival
Kiteboarding airplanes
Kiteboarding children japan
Kiteboarding children's monsters
Kiteboarding child monster 1

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