Even composting – saving money and increasing your quality of life

Make a compost and benefit from the advantages of the bio-fertilizer

Surely you remember the Disney production”King of the Lions”when Musafa wise, but simply explained to the little Simba the circle of life? It was about the fact that lion antelopes pursue and even kill. At some time the lions also die and become the earth from which grass grows which once again feed the antelopes…

What should you look out for when you want to make a compost?

Composting biomass kitchen spinach residues

I do not intend to explain to you the philosophy of life, but to turn your attention to the life circle, which is always repeated before our eyes and from which we can only learn.

Every spring nature awakens to new life and we humans in many cases with.

We cultivate gardens, raise vegetables, cultivate and renew the earth. To do this, we go to the hardware store and buy everything there ready. So far so good, but have you ever thought about throwing away a lot that could bring us a benefit. For the garbage we produce, we still have to pay high fees?

Bio-waste should be used sensibly and intelligently

Composting biomass kitchen spinach residues 1

Today’s article is about how to make a compost yourself and how we prefer to compost our own organic waste instead of throwing it away. What can be the compost? How can the compost itself be applied and how long does the waste take until they become bio-fertilizer?

Into a container fill the vegetable remains, foliage, grass and old newspapers


You can either purchase the compost container quickly at any hardware store or you can assemble it yourself. Now, to produce fertilizer by itself, each compost requires 4 basic ingredients: air, moisture, carbon (which we call brown) and nitrogen (which we call green).

The brown parts can be vegetable residues such as foliage, sticks, branches, newspaper paper and napkins without coloring. For the green portion, you can use cut grass, fruit and vegetables and coffee set. As a rule, the brown parts should be more than the green ones.

Almost everything you get together with food remedies can be used for the compost

Composting biomass kitchen

Locate a shady place for the container in the garden, possibly near a water connection. Place the compost there and ensure that the compost is regularly moistened.

The composted soil can only be applied when the quantity has become full of dark color. The process can usually last up to 60 days. With the aid of a sieve, you can sweep the earth and place the unfinished remains back on the compost.

Small and large containers can be used. Look for a shady spot in your garden

To make compost

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Composting circle of life

The organic waste is to be mixed with the earth

Composting biomass

Place the compost near a water connection

Composting you in the garden

The compost content should be mixed well

Composting bio fertilizer

Ensure that the new earth gets enough air and moisture

Composting moisture

The circle of life that happens around us all the time

Composting diagram

Many self-helpers help the earth with earthworms

Composting biomass kitchen spinach2

Simple and natural process that saves money and adds value

Composting biomass steps to the fertilizer

When the color is saturated and dark, check the consistency of the earth

Composting compost self making earth loosen up

Some parts take longer to be used as a useful fertilizer

Composting biomass kitchen spinach3

By means of a sieve you can only push through the fine organic soil

Composting compost yourself make fresh earth

Now you can use the self-produced organic fertilizer for your gardening

Composting fresh mother earth

In the long term and sustained, it would be a special place where you simply open your bio-garbage and regularly supply with fertilizer

Compost when the earth is ready