Find The Right Box For Your Needs And Purposes!

“Karton”sounds like a simple and even boring topic. But those who take care of the little things in everyday life, is well aware of the qualitative selection of this type of products. Cardboard boxes have a versatile use in everyday life. They are suitable for packaging and mail. Furthermore, they can serve as a storage space, as well as homemade decoration and even be used as furniture at home. Different types of cardboard are suitable for the different uses. Like you perfect box for different purposes, we will describe in the next lines.

Carton for moving, shipments, gifts

We usually use cartons for packaging items that need to be moved from one place to another. The typical situations in which this is the case are the moves. In this case, we need something quite stable, which can be conveniently stored in the respective transport.

In addition, such boxes should be easy to open and close, so you do not lose a lot of time with it. In this case we recommend the combination of removals, folding cartons and automatic cartons. The first ones are very stable and suitable for larger and heavy objects. In addition, more boxes and other items can be stowed without collapsing. For medium-sized goods and other objects you can take the folding boxes. Also add some automatic cartons that are particularly easy to open and close. They would be perfect for the odds and ends that are always left in”unexpected”large amounts at the end of most moves and usually must be assembled on the fly. The automatic and carton boxes are also ideal for shipments by post or courier. You might be able to use them for gift wrapping because they are available in different colors and sizes.

Cardboard, which you can then use for storage space

Consumers’ eco-friendly behavior has been established as a major trend for several years. On the one hand, it is because we increasingly like to take responsibility for our own well-being. In addition, the DIY ideas and the minimalist style of living have become the fashion with which many of us identify. Cartons of purchases, gifts or shipments can be used as stowage space at home. But to serve you well in the long run, you must follow some practical and aesthetic guidelines when distributing the items into them. Particularly suitable for storage ideas are the so-called slip-lid boxes. Made up of two different layers, they can be opened and closed relatively easily. For the same reason, the automatic cartons are also suitable as storage spaces.

DIY ideas

The boxes can be used just as they are to provide more storage space at home. However, you can also do something more complicated on request. Shelves and shelf walls are feasible without too much effort. Above all the folding cartons, but also the other types can be brought into different forms with simple tools. As already mentioned, they are also available in different shades. Of course, you can paint the box or decorate it with decorative paper. On the Internet you will find instructions for making tables, different accessories and even seating. Just select one of the mentioned boxes, which is suitable for your ideas.


Let’s summarize: There are different types of boxes and they are each intended for different purposes. Some are used more often than others. These are, for example, the relocation, as well as the so-called folding and automatic cartons. All of these can be used for sending and transferring items. Particularly flexible are the slip lid boxes and these are the easiest used for stowing objects. From cardboard also some envelopes are created, which are intended for very large letters. If you like DIY ideas, you can continue to make accessories and even cardboard furniture for your home. So not a simple topic, actually a very important one, is not it?