Fitting The Matching Carbon Foil Yourself And Saving Money – How It Works!

Self-adhesive films have enjoyed an extremely high popularity in the last few years, and the interest in these increases rapidly. In this article, we would like to introduce the carbon foils to you in more detail, as well as their numerous fields of application and positive properties for stylish decoration.

Practical, fast processing and luxurious look – these features are especially important for a decoration and the self-adhesive films are not without reason on the winner’s podium. One of the most popular films is the black carbon look. The typical area of ​​application of these films is Autodesign. Improving the appearance inside and outside the vehicle using self-adhesive films is nowadays very famous worldwide because there are experts in this industry in every city. In other words, you can get a completely new design for a few hundred Euros, for example, complete car wrapping in different colors.

Within hours you can create a completely new look

However, our goal in the article is not simply to persuade you to have your vehicle finished by professionals, but to show how to design the decoration itself and save a lot of money. As a rule, you can buy the slides all over the Internet. What color, length and surface, you decide for yourself.

It obviously depends on what part of the vehicle you want to foil. In this context, it is worth mentioning that you can foil almost all parts indoors and outdoors.

Our tip is to omit the engine under the cover in this project, because the high temperatures can cause dangerous consequences for the car and the film. The color palette of the self-adhesive films is very large and ensures perfect interior refinement thanks to the carbon look. You have the choice between different surfaces such as matt and glossy. If you have already selected an elegant slide, then you should think about the exact length. Our editorial team recommends you to order more foil from the required ones, because people without prior knowledge often have to make an order.

Dashboard in carbon look? Why not?

Carbon foil car foil ideas

Before you start gluing, you should thoroughly clean the substrate. Any unevenness can become a big problem in the future and we would like to spare you this. You are aware that when bonding different films, there is a risk of bubbles forming. As a tip, we recommend a self-adhesive carbon film with air channel glue for safe processing. These are very professional and are much more practical for people without previous knowledge. Squeegee with felt edge, sharp knife and hairdryer, these three tools are a must for the gluing of the film. The most important step of the DIY project is the drying of the film. You should heat the self-adhesive surface very well. This is how you stimulate the adhesive force and the film can be stretched by heating.

Stylish and aggressive look

Carbon film

Different designs of carbon foils and a bit of imagination – you do not need to beautify your car with speed and speed. Our editorial team has selected the best places in the car for filming. Be inspired by our picture gallery.

Decoration for indoor and outdoor use

Outer foil purple foil

Choose a suitable color and start the DIY project

Various color foil carbon foil

Outside area

Car foil carbon

Carbon black

Carbon film

Roof foil black

Detaile carbonoptik

Car wrapping

Carbon wrapping ideas

Black foil foils

Whole car wrapping

Good covering with carbon

Optic carbon film

Film with carbon

Controlled with carbon