Floating Pond In Your Own Garden: Advantages, Furnishing Ideas And Tips

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The swimming pond in your own garden is actually a summer theme. At the same time, such a project is rather complex and requires long planning and consideration. So it would not be too early to begin preparing for the facility next summer.
The swimming pond is not only a possibility for outdoor refreshment. Because if it was only a matter of course, you could just have a pool built in your own garden. The swimming pond is about bringing nature closer to you. This has many advantages, but must also be considered well. Otherwise, this could lead to a number of inconveniences at home.

Natural garden style and art are combined in the surroundings of this natural pond

bathing pond in oval form

Swimming pool or swimming pool?

Actually the swimming pool and the swimming pool are equally good options. It depends on the circumstances, what would be the right thing for you. A swimming pond would be great if you have a larger garden. On the terrace, of course, you can easily bring in a pool.

The natural proximity and the natural appearance are two of the great advantages of the swimming ponds. On the other hand, they require much more care than an ordinary pool. In addition, swimming ponds attract very many insects and animals through the plants growing in them. For some house residents it is more of a problem than a great joy.

And this is how a nature pool looks!

wide nature swimming pool

Do not confuse with a natural pool

For waterbasses that look like natural standing water objects, there are a number of often used terms – nature pool and swimming pond are the two most common. They differ from each other mostly by the way in which the regeneration of the water takes place indoors. In a swimming pool, no technique is used at all. This is quite different to a nature pool, where the water is very much in the foreground.

Just because you do not use any technique, setting up a swimming pond is a big challenge. It has two main areas – one for use and one for regeneration. In the second part, special plants are used which are used for water purification. For the same purpose, certain animals and some species of phytoplankton are also introduced into the water.

The benefits are clear: this facility is much more natural than a nature pool. It also costs less. Finally, the swimming pond is a good opportunity to learn more about nature and its functioning. Half of the swimming pool is a garden immersed in water.

The more complex the concept for the swimming pond, the more expensive it is

infinity pool swimming pool

The most important factors for cost formation

The cost of a swimming pond depends on many different factors. In the first place it depends on how big this should be. It is also of great importance whether you choose a customary or rather unusual form. The company, or the craftsmen, who build the swimming pond will also make the price as regards accessibility. That is, if the property is easily accessible, the facility will cost accordingly less.
The selected plants and animals are also reflected in the price. It is also important whether you want to have certain extras such as higher and lower areas.

long and narrow

long-legged swimming pond in your own garden
pool in the garden
nature pond swimming pool nature pool
rectangular small natural pond
swimming pool in front of a house
swimming pond in a natural-looking environment
swimming pool minimalistic garden landscape
swimming pond of course
swimming pond-natural-landscaping

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