Fountains build our own fountains in 5 easy steps!

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Good morning, dear fountain!

To fill your garden with life, you need nothing more than a fountain! The ever-flowing water catches the sunlight, while the pleasant and relaxing splash of water turns the inner courtyard into a dream retreat and contributes to your wellbeing. A fountain can be built quickly and effortless, the necessary materials and tools can be obtained from a garden shop or online at any time. Focus on your unique fountains – in the green garden, at the main entrance or off the path, this small, special fountain becomes a total eyecatcher! Since your artwork needs electrical energy, you have to choose the right place smartly!

What do you need?

Unleash your entire artistic potential and make your garden a small paradise on earth!

Fountains themselves

Fountains can be built without a bell

  • Dig a 40 cm. Deep hole in the ground and then sprinkle it with sand. Smooth it carefully with the rake and then insert the reservoir / plastic basin. Its upper part, however, should not sink into the ground but remain on the surface. Fill two thirds of the reservoir with water and fill the remaining cavities around the pool with sand – this ensures secure attachment and stability of the basin.

Get ready to work and use this simple yet stunning idea

Detailed instructions on fountains

To build a fountain


  • Place the four concrete blocks in the reservoir to create a stable foundation of the fountain. Place the grid plate on it, making sure that the door is easily accessible.

Fountains – DIY ideas that are fun

Fountains in the garden DIY ideas

  • Drill a small hole with a diameter of 3 cm. Into the lower part of the urn and mount the standpipe inside the vessel by using the PVC tank fitting to secure it. Connect the tank screw connection to the hose connector and finally attach the rubber hose to the hose connector. In this way, connect the tube to the hose and allow the water to move upward.

Hose connectors for water pressure generation

  • Place the thermoplastic artifact on the grid plate by cutting a hole in the place of the hinged door. Thread the tube through the grid plate and the artificial fabric and place the urn directly on the grid plate. Bring the other end of the hose out through the hinged door and connect it to the pump. Then place the pump in the reservoir.

How to build a fountain

  • To add stability to the urn, fill it with water or flower soil, cover the grid with the help of decos, switch on the pump and enjoy the result!

Enjoy the result

Create an amazing ambience in your garden!

Fountains in the garden

Create fountains yourself – and your water system is so simple!

And it works so simply

Gain vital energy directly from nature and enjoy the fun of water splashing

An amazing result DIY bastelideen

To revitalize your garden, you need the secret power of the water!

A small paradise on earth

A fountain as an eyecatcher

Gardening ideas

As a gazebo

Urnfontaine itself

Water has a calming effect

A special garden design

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