Gingerbread Hearts And How To Bake And Personalize Them Yourself

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The gingerbread hearts are undoubtedly the first thing you think of when you want to associate with Christmas. And because that’s how it is, we thought:”Hey, that’s a great topic, from which you can cobble a nice article!”

The wonderful scent of gingerbread hearts immediately makes everyone festive and seduces to sinful snack even outside of the Christmas season. The many Christmas spices enliven body and mind and caress the soul. What exactly these are and what is also stirred into the gingerbread dough, you can learn below.

The gingerbread hearts live!

gingerbread hearts decorated

Not only do they taste fantastic, they can also enchant with their look and fragrance

gingerbread hearts gift

Dipped in chocolate, they are known from the supermarket

stuffed gingerbread hearts board

Gingerbread dough

What is the gingerbread dough made of? It’s always good to know what you eat. In addition, you could also bake your own gingerbread hearts and personalize to your own taste.

But you can design your own creations individually

gingerbread hearts colorful

Or act quite artistically

gingerbread heart splendor

Gingerbread is a good gift idea for everyone

gingerbread hearts gift ideas

The recipe


250g liquid honey, 100g sugar, 125g butter, 500g flour, 1TL baking powder, 1Pk gingerbread spice, 1EL cocoa, 1 egg (Kl. M), icing

Bake gingerbread yourself and enjoy in company

gingerbread hearts addressed


Mix the honey, the sugar and the butter together and cook gently in a saucepan, stirring constantly, then allow to cool completely. In time you can mix the remaining ingredients together and then knead with the honey-sugar mixture to a smooth dough. Then wrap the dough with cling film and let it rest for about 2 hours.

After 2 hours, roll out the dough and start sticking out the gingerbread hearts, stars or males out of it. Place the results on baking tray and bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes.

The pastry can be decorated only when it has cooled completely. During this time, let’s see what the heavenly scent of gingerbread is…

First, mix the ingredients well

gingerbread heart preparation

then knead to the smooth dough

gingerbread hearts example

After two hours, roll out the dough and form pretty hearts

gingerbread hearts patisserie

Stars and gingerbread men are as well eaten as hearts

gingerbread heart powdered sugar

Bake the gingerbread hearts for about 15 minutes

gingerbread hearts vegan

If you want to cast charms, you need to drill holes in advance

gingerbread hearts for hanging

You can decorate only when the pastry is completely cooled

Make gingerbread hearts yourself

Because the eye eats with, you can just spend a bit more effort at Christmas

bake gingerbread hearts yourself

An allusion to the winter is well received

gingerbread heart crystal bowl

The contours make the figure look livelier

gingerbread hearts

What does gingerbread spice consist of?

You can, of course, easily buy the spice in any supermarket, but if you wanted to make a detour, here are the secret ingredients:

30g cinnamon, 6pcs cloves, 6pcs allspice, 2g coriander, 4g cardamom green, 2g macis spice, 1 piece star anise.

Dissect all ingredients in a coffee grinder or pepper mill and store in a dark glass. Could not that be a nice and homemade gift for someone?

A harmony in the variety of forms would be desirable

gingerbread heart recipe

Decorating gingerbread hearts

After the pastry is finished and cooled, one can move on to the even more creative part of the task, namely to decorate. All beautiful Christmas motifs are allowed and emphasize the festive mood in one. Of course you can, depending on the size of the gingerbread heart, bring his personal Christmas wishes on the pastry and attract attention as original. Other ideas that might inspire you can be found in the attached pictures. We only tell you how you can make the icing yourself.

It is quite simple: water and powdered sugar are mixed into a paste that you can then use to paint the gingerbread. Plan the beautiful ideas in advance, because the sugar is fast hard.

Happy Christmas from us!

Pretty ornaments can be achieved with a simple frosting

gingerbread heart frosting
gingerbread hearts homemade

gingerbread hearts other form

gingerbread hearts baked
gingerbread hearts diameter
gingerbread heart homemade recipe

gingerbread hearts with vintage

gingerbread heart house
personalize gingerbread hearts
gingerbread heart silhouette
gingerbread heart gingerbread dough
gingerbread hearts beautiful table decoration
lovingly decorating gingerbread hearts
gingerbread heart hole
gingerbread hearts cut through
gingerbread hearts doused with chocolate
gingerbread hearts with chocolate
gingerbread hearts christmas decorations
gingerbread hearts original recipe
gingerbread hearts pink
gingerbread heart recipe homemade
gingerbread hearts round
gingerbread hearts chocolate icing
gingerbread hearts dark chocolate
gingerbread hearts Christmas market match
Gingerbread heart ingredients give away

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