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Tinker Don Giovanni like a pro

Christmas, Valentine’s day and Easter are gone, but it happen time and again various other occasions. A small but sincere gesture of attention is happy but everyone especially if it is homemade.

The fan-fold flyers are a good and always personally acting idea. These you can tinker and fitted with a wide variety interesting images. Make right some specimens with universal themes. So are you ready to spontaneous events.

Leporello tinker is just the beginning of a beautiful DIY series

leporello tinker colorful accessories

We love colourful!

leporello tinker accessories gift ideas nicely packaged

The cool accordion effect

leporello wallpaper tinker accessories

Also you practice this themselves in the technology. Then, you create easily something new.

Want to get a simple guide to the Leporello tinker? Just read further!

A suitable box for the homemade Leporello completes the gift

leporello DIY gift ideas box

What we need:

The materials you need for this Leporello, are few and easy to the grab.  You need photo paper in dark colors. Caution! Black is dark and can be unfriendly.

You need some fabric made of cotton or other natural textile.

You should also have a ruler handy, and still the best a SetSquare.

Mixing-folding techniques and individual touch are desirable

leporello tinker persistent accessories gift ideas

Leporello are preferred by young mums love

leporello tinker bend

Scissors, photo paper, ruler and a great idea enough to start the project

leporello tinker long

For your ease and better thought a sample template

leporello tinker accessories gift ideas template

You need a pair of scissors or sharp knife to edit the mentioned material.

Choose the format

Tinker in the Don Giovanni you have regarding the length and breadth of the book much room.

The Leporello has inside and Leporello lid. The outer parts of the project need to be slightly wider and longer. You more or less yourself determine how much exactly – that can. The rule of thumb is that there should be about be difference-10%.

The color scheme should be appropriate to the content

leporello tinker accessories gift ideas template besipiel


First, we describe how the craft of the lid. Cut the first and the last page of the Leporello of the cardboard in the desired shape and size.

With the fabric you dress up the outsides of each lid.  Leave some fabric at the edges, so that you can be wrapped around the edges with the fabric. You should now place the finished Leporello lid under a heavy book or a different weight.  Leave them there for a few hours until the glue is completely dry, and the cover pages are done. On the, you can use the lid still wallpaper, crepe paper, or something else good for.

A functional calendar Leporello

leporello tinker accessories gift ideas calendar

Superior, measure and then-acting

leporello cover DIY accessories

Depends on the style of your fan-fold flyers by the personal taste off

leporello tinker accessories gift ideas dekoupage

The inner part

For the inner part of the fan-fold flyers, cut long and wide strip from the photo box. Then you fold that an accordion as shown on the pictures shown. The desired number of “Picture pages” with the planned mass should arise when folding.

Glue the desired images to, and your project is already finished!

Do you see? It’s not that hard. It can be a nice weekend with craft ideas and pleasant music. Is not better than a homemade gift.

The format is suitable for small art exhibitions

leporello tinker long

Beautiful memories are more beautiful when they are divided

leporello tinker accessories gift ideas moments inbildern

Aesthetic placeholders encourage personal, hand-written wishes

leporello tinker accessories gift ideas wildcard

The cover of the fan-fold flyers to start all eyes

leporello tinker accessories homemade gift ideas

Raising of the Leporello to function properly

leporello tinker accessories gift ideas star

Discreet and symphonic

leporello tinker accessories baby gift ideas template

In the design of the cover, there are no limits

leporello tinker accessories gift ideas template besipiel

For the design of the fan-fold flyers you can use wallpaper remnants

leporello tinker accessories grey scale

Of course the most beautiful are artfully crafted Leporellos

leporello tinker accessories art project

Handmade gifts are personal and specific

leporello tinker material accessories

With a personal gift you communicate without words

leporello tinker accessories sea view

How satisfied are you be if the Leporello is ready…

leporello tinker accessories with relief

Fan-fold flyers can be beautiful wedding invitations

leporello tinker accessories beads

Step by step the instructions to

Multimedia support for good results

and even more inspiration

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