Herbs – Always Friche Herbal Handgreifbar To Home Project

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fresh herbs at hand have

Make a vegetable garden with DIY materials

DIY garden sounds in your kitchen for some of you surely known. More and more people dare to organize one at home. Through the many ideas that can be found in Internet magazines, this is nothing new and unusual.

Today, we also once again a small contribution to the range of your idea.  Today’s cans, sieves, wires and issue areas that go beyond the usual.

They brought to it the cans of vegetables in space, of which it is the speech today in as many places. Because we wanted to win as much space as possible in the small room for this idea.

Use old boxes as containers for herbs

herbaceous plants on the wall

The materials for the DIY garden

The objects, which were used as flower containers are of interest for this project.  Here we have old tin cans, pots, kettle, thermos flasks, where it has kept earlier about tea.

On the windowsill, enough light is

vegetable plants on the windowsill

The faces that are used

The obvious is of course the window sill. Where to put everything. At this point, also old saucers, it dodges to use otherwise, can come back to use.

Great Wall project with vegetables

herbs home

Most interesting, however, is the wall project. This vertical many tins with vegetables were attached by ropes. This is a very courageous, but in this case, as we see it, quite successful solution. So great isn’t work the tin cans with the Green against the bright pink red wall?

It has also resulted in the vegetable garden project the tables! Great, isn’t it? Sieves with soil and plants have been out on the tables.

Here comes the old filter in use

old screen as herb pot use

As you can see on the pictures, you need not always particularly large flower container to plant herbs and some vegetables. However, if you have not, you should consult with the appropriate people. Because some herbs and vegetables have deeper roots than others. In addition, some varieties need less light and can grow better at room temperature, and other – less!

Herbs instead of flowers

old flower pots for herbs use

Even old glass jar can be used

old glass jar for Kräuterpfanzen using

You want to have at home herbs at hand ?

on the window sill belonging to the herbs

Replant the old coffee cans with herbs

cans as herb pot use

Have sharp chillies directly on the table

a pot as a herb plant container

Great DIY project

class idea for herbs home

Basket with herbs as table decorations

in basket herbs for at the table of plants

How do you get this idea?

herbs in the kitchen

Continue to use individual coffee cups as herb pots

mugs for herbal plants

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