How Can I Make Cool Drawings With Ordinary Templates?

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Is there a recipe for cool drawings?

Do you have any idea of how art students draw still lifes learning? They are usually in large rooms, where there is a ton of the everyday objects. They are taken as models. You are often specially intended boards mounted.

Cool drawings very depend on the subject

draw cool drawings light material learning exercise

This strategy works not only for art students. Even beginners and semi professional designers can do so.

Light and shadow games

draw cool drawings learn nature of oil

Cool drawings of everyday objects themselves make or copy

The everyday objects are a wonderful theme, if you want to learn how to draw still life or exercise. You have two main strategies to choose from. The simpler method that we recommend beginners is the imitation.

The hardness of the mine and the quality of the paper are also important

draw cool drawings practice learn new Butterfly

The important thing is to see

draw cool drawings practice learn new Butterfly

Properly reflect the nature of the material

draw cool drawings learning nature of the material

Find cool drawings and try to trace the strokes. If you are an absolute beginner, you find out an other, better for you technology. Some people intuitively perceive the strokes best through imitation. Others, however, have some additional theoretical instruction.

Get to see the light!

cool drawings draw learn light and shadow

The second strategy is more recommended for advanced “artists”: take the real objects to the template at this and draw it.

Try different techniques

cool drawings draw learn dry brush

The objects must not photo-realistic look

draw cool drawings learn exercise still life

Criteria for the selection of objects

The really good drawings fold first and foremost if you carefully select the templates. There are a few rules that might find this useful to you.

Practice with everything you have, always and everywhere

draw cool drawings learning exercise

Very ordinary at first glance

The absolutely normally published objects are especially suitable for great results. They are nothing special at first sight. It is all the more effective if you show these cool drawings in a different perspective.

Is important and not easy to draw draperies

draw cool drawings learn drapery exercise

Visually interesting

Some objects bring in fact no interest no matter what artistic perspective to choose it. Others, however, have a phenomenon, which stimulates the imagination and can bring many exciting associations.

Watch the form and their interaction with light

draw cool drawings learn basic form exercise

Handy to carry, Einräumen…oder prepare

The practice makes perfect, if it is repeated long enough. For your drawings, you need the templates over a longer period of time. Certainly, you want to create but not a big mess!

Choose items that you bring easily back into place. Also a special place could be assigned to these items.

Practice, practice, practice…

cool drawings draw learn exercise coal

Food can be also suitable objects for still life drawings. The important prerequisite here is that they can stay fresh slightly longer, also outside the fridge. Then you can also use it for cooking or baking.

Set goals

draw cool drawings learning exercise with color


Consider a popcorn! It seems incredibly exciting as seen from different sides. Such drawings were great base for the decoration of minimalist rooms.

Learning to distinguish styles and strokes

beer draw cool drawings learn to exercise

Paper bags

Filled and slightly crushed paper bags are more great templates to draw. They cast beautiful shadows and act pensive. While these objects arouse different associations. For people who like to let your imagination a free run, they are wonderful!

Is that what looks simple, mostly hard

draw cool drawings learn exercise contour

Styrofoam cups

You interested in drawings for the painting after with geometric figures? Then, this styrofoam cups are a wonderful base for your exercises.  They are suitable also for further work with children who have your math geometry to develop space and perception.

The perspective will be memorized

draw cool drawings learn perspective exercise

Perspective view and draw

draw cool drawings learn perspective


Fruit and fruit bowls are a classic at the cool drawings.  Don’t worry if you do not resist the temptation to bite out of an Apple. This could make the object even more interesting.

Learning from the best

draw cool drawings Jeffrey learning exercise

Take your sketch pad everywhere

cool drawings draw learn exercise home new

More examples

We could continue so long with the examples for great everyday objects, but rather we let the cool drawings.

The drawing techniques are a craft

draw cool drawings learn still life

Everyone starts with still life

draw cool drawings learn practice light and shadow

Observe and study

draw cool drawings learn exercise metal

Discover exciting forms as a template

draw cool drawings learn exercise popcorn

Only if you draw, you will notice how complex our world is

draw cool drawings learn exercise sw

Try to draw a similar composition with pencil

draw cool drawings learn exercise white

Understand the flame of a candle

draw cool drawings practice learn new candle

It’s a hard work to study the drawing techniques

draw cool drawings practice learn new fabric

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