How To Make Yourself A Wonderful Vintage Chest Of Drawers

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The value of the ancient objects rises in all forms. Also with the furniture. That is why the vintage style is also very popular at the moment, and in many cases, old furniture is sold several times more expensive than the new furniture you could buy in a shop.

But it is also cheaper

To create vintage furniture is increasingly becoming a hobby and a life setting for many people. It is very common that the furniture of this kind is also simply created alone. The chest of drawers, which you are so much in demand for, should also be done in this way. You just have to invest a bit of time and patience in it.

Classic vintage chest of drawers with wear traces

Vintage chest of drawers antique sideboard

The technology for reaching the vintage style

The technology for reaching a vintage style can be applied to any furniture. Think about chairs, tables, boxes, frames and various other accessories. Also, you must be aware that you can create different subordinate directions within the vintage style.

Vintage style can also mean industrial.

Select the item to edit

Now it’s time to choose an item you want to edit in a vintage style. In this case, you want to do a vintage commode in white. You could take as a base something very old. But also newer pieces of furniture come into question, which you want to spice up in a great way.

Keep the original wooden paintings

Vintage chest of drawers antique design old color

Remove the paint

The first step would be to remove the varnish with a suitable spatula with which the object has been applied to the surface. At the end of the day, the surface would only consist of pure wood material.

Edit the corners

With black or dark brown color you would have to work on all the corners and edges of the furniture. Wait for the whole to dry, and wax in some places with wax from a candle.

Beautiful vines

Vintage commode antique wear ornaments

Paint everything in white

Your vintage chest of drawers can now be painted in white. But is this the best possible choice? Perhaps there are other variants. Consider pale yellow or pale green. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Fine metal details

Vintage commode small metal ornaments

The result

How old a piece of furniture looks is a taste. Just watch the result. Have you wanted an even more antique look? No problem. With a few nagging marks and a hammer, you could do it. The working method is already clear, is not it?

Magnificent finds of the past

Vintage chest of drawers antique wear marks

Authentic in old wood

Vintage chest of drawers antique old wood brass handles

Leave a few points intentionally

Vintage commode antique sideboard metal handles ornaments

Honey nuances and brass handles

Vintage chest of drawers antique furniture wood

Solid design and refined style

Vintage chest of drawers antique ornaments

Antique design with luxury flavor

Vintage chest of drawers antique rank pattern ornaments

Elegant style composition

Vintage commode concrete walls

Chic retro dresser in pastel itself

Vintage chest of drawers antique retro sideboard pastel green

With white, you can not really do anything wrong

Vintage commode antique retro white self-paint

Vintage commode blue green baroque chair ornaments

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