How To To Make Ice-cold Lemonade Myself

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lemonade themselves make ice cube lime coriander

So you can make lemonade itself, without to cook anything

The summer is over. But it’s still not cold. This means that lemonade himself making is still a topical issue. Before we tell you the recipe, let and say something about the quality. This is naturally linked to the fruits, which you choose for your lemonade.

If you want to find good fruit, then we recommend, to take very much of it. Lemonade can namely prepared in good quantities and be kept longer in the fridge.

That makes sense also for another reason. Fresh lemons, coming from Europe and from the other end of the world, don’t grow in all seasons. They are rather typical of the spring.

Preserving this season is so healthy and environmentally friendly at the same time

lemonade myself making fresh fruits pressed lemons

So, lemonade himself making works best:

The lemonade is made with sugar and lemon. You should decide how both ingredients are. It is a matter of taste. Decide whether you want to have the drink rather bitter or sweet.

The storage should be done preferably in plastic bottles in the freezer. See to that the bottles are not too full. Liquid spreads and can destroy the bottle just.

For preservation, it is possible to create a concentrated amount.

You could dilute it with water then always according to your taste

lemonade itself making ice cubes Rosemary

Some people love instead of quiet water, sparkling water. Also it works very well. Fresh mint and other spices and herbs are also suitable as supplementary and decoration.

Details of the preparation

Lemon juice must be pressed first. You can best use a fine sieve, so that no fibers remain. Thereof, the juice can be mixed with sugar. Here is a tip: mix the two ingredients in a jar. You stir them, so leave them for a few minutes and stir again.

With a little patience, the mixture will taste real good at the end.

You can add quiet a bit Strawberry juice and lavender leaves

lemonade themselves make ice Lavender

Fill the bottles

You should vigorously shake the bottles after filling. So, you support the melting of the sugar. If you have children or other contributors, they can do that too.

Final word

If you make the lemonade itself, you also have the option, this somewhat healthier than usually make. Turn on first you should use as little sugar as possible. Then, you should also try as honey and other healthy products to substitute. It is slightly more expensive and laborious at stirring. It’s worth but and our health is worth surely all this trouble.

Strawberry Jam is suitable also as an addition to your Lemonade

lemonade myself making Erdbeerkofitüre fresh strawberries

Of course, lime are also a perfect, vitamin-rich choice

lemonade myself making fresh lime

Add a handful of ice cubes and some fresh mint leaves

lemonade myself making fresh mint jug

Also manual juicers are not to the underestimated

lemonade myself making fresh lemon juice squeezing

A jug full of vitamins and valuable, ice-cold SIPs

lemonade myself making fresh lemon pieces

Homemade lemonade and fresh strawberries – just the classic

lemonade myself make garden party fresh strawberries

Obtain the necessary dose at breakfast health

lemonade myself making healthy pot breakfast

You can round off with ginger and Masala

lemonade themselves make ginger spices Masala

Or quite enjoy the cold thirst quencher

lemonade myself making cold drink fresh lemon

What would be a children’s garden party without a tasty lemonade?

lemonade myself making cold drink vitamins

Cooled, delicious juice throughout the summer by

lemonade itself make summer thirst-quencher

Make your Lemonade Jars in a playful and effective way

lemonade myself making summer party funny figures

A real lemonade-stand full of candy and fancy decoration

lemonade myself making stand garden party

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