Make Lemonade Yourself – Summer Recipes And Arguments Why The Homemade Is Better

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An increasing number of people are convinced of their own self-making and are focusing their lives on self-sufficiency principles. In today’s article, we would like to give you fresh summer recipes on how to make delicious and healthy lemonade yourself.

Let’s look at the reason why the usual and fashionable drinks are not good for us:

Lemonade itself make summer recipes refreshing

Home made lemonade. Soft drinks

Many of the drinks you buy at the supermarket and which seem to be healthy contain many preservatives which are important for the shelf life of the product but unfortunately add harm to us in one way or another. Even the most expensive juices bought at the health food store or the health food store can not be compared with a fresh product.

All drinks with carbonic acids, whether they are alcoholic or free from alcohol, harm our health. The trendy drinks we know from advertising contain a lot of sugar, and it would be very reasonable to reduce their acceptance to the minimum.

Lemonade itself make summer recipes fruity ice cubes

Lemonade make summer recipes clear and cold
Lemonade to make summer recipes orange

Why is the homemade lemonade better?

Now we have enough, but also nothing new and leave you to choose how you want to shape your (healthy) everyday life. Here you will find 4 fast and very delicious summer recipes for homemade lemonade, which for you and your family, in our opinion, are the better alternative to alcohol-free beverages. Your guests will be enchanted and enthusiastic. Try out the recipes and find out the difference quickly!

Lemonade to make summer recipes mango
Lemonade to make summer recipes melon
Lemonade to make summer recipes waldmeister lemon

4 summer recipes for refreshing lemonade

In the summer you can also find many local fruits or herbs, from which you can make delicious juices and limos. At present, the elderberry, which is not only healthy and aromatic, but also very tasty and easy to digest. Fresh mint and basil are also served in your own garden. A popular flavor ingredient, which smells and tastes quite indigenous, is undoubtedly the forest master. There are also many exotic fruits on the market, from which you can conjure refreshing drinks. What you can do with watermelon, read In the following article.

Lemonade to make summer recipes holunderblüten
Lemonade to make summer recipes waldmeister2

1) Lemon mint limo

ingredients : 2 lemons, 1 small piece of ginger (peeled and finely chopped), 0.5 still water, 200ml lemon juice (freshly squeezed), 200g honey or sugar syrup, mint leaves

Preparation: Ginger, EL sugar and 1/2 glass of water on the stove, bring to a boil, then set aside and allow to cool. Then mix the remaining ingredients and pour into glass bottles. Garnish and serve to your taste.

Lemonade to make summer recipes

2) elderberry lemonade

The elderberry lemonade is made from elderberry syrup – here the recipe:

Ingredients: 1 bunch of elderberry blossoms, 400 g of honey or brown sugar, 3-4 untreated lemons, mineral water, mint or melissa for seasoning.

Preparation: Wash the elderberry blossoms and place them in a cooking pot. Pour the flowers with a liter of mineral water and leave the closed overnight.

The next flowering water is mixed with the sugar at the stove and simmered together with the lemons to a syrup at low temperature for 10 minutes.

Fill the syrup warm in glass bottles and store it in a dark place. The refreshing soda can be achieved if you dilute the syrup in a ratio of 1: 4 with mineral water or sparkling water.

Lemonade to make summer recipes holunder blüten2

3) Waldmeister lemonade

Ingredients: 10 Stem Waldmeister, 1 organic lemon or lime, 1L organic apple juice, sparkling or mineral water

Preparation: Pick the forestry freshly and let it soak for 2 hours. It is strange, but only then does it unfold its splendid fragrance. Then fill the herbs together with the apple juice into a glass bottle (or carafe) and let it pass again for at least 2 hours. Shortly before you want to offer the lemonade, cut the lemon into slices into the carafe and leave the whole for about 10 minutes. Then fill the bottle / carafe with mineral or sparkling water and garnish with mint.

Lemonade to make summer recipes waldmeister lemon

4) Rhubarb drink

Ingredients: 250ml rhubarb syrup (organic farm or farm), 100ml fresh lemon juice, 1L organic apple juice, a handful of strawberries, mint

Preparation: Everything is mixed together and poured into glasses. This drink does not last long, so drink the soda immediately with many ice cubes or only diluted with water and experience the pure summer refreshment!

Lemonade to make summer recipes rhubarb strawberry
Lemonade to make summer rhubarb recipes

Lemonade to make summer recipes strawberry rhubarb mint

Lemonade to make summer recipes holunder mint

More fresh and summery tricks and tips

In the summer, it should be fast, simple and healthy and delicious. A well-cooled summer drink is”half the rent”when enjoying the holidays, so you should always have ice cubes in the refrigerator. The more unconventional the shape of the dice, the more original your creation can be. Take a little more inspiration from our collection of ideas, for which the Ice molds Good to use!

Lemonade to make summer recipes strawberry

Lemonade to make summer recipes minzblatt

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