Make Seed Bombs Yourself: A Simple Guide To More Flowers

Feel the spring coming? Yes, he will definitely do it again this year and with it the wonderfully fragrant flowers will come back to us. To experience the anticipation even more intensively, you can, for example, make seed bombs yourself. Yes, right: bombs of seeds, clay and earth! Very fast and easy to master and even faster and easier to throw on fields and meadows. This even children’s games can be organized, where the little ones can play with environmentally friendly and meaningful with slingshots. Adults are even more likely to enjoy the seed bomb throwing, because they can with very little time and money spent larger areas in the cities greening with colorful plants ,

Make seed bombs themselves as a useful and creative gift idea

making seed bombs yourself making earthenware gift ideas Easter gifts

A completely new concept? Wrong! The idea of ​​seed bombs or seed balls is actually ancient. Even the ancient Egyptians have ordered their fields with seed bombs and during World War II The Japanese have taken up this idea again and thrown from aircraft seed balls on their acreage. After all, most of the men were gone and enough food was needed anyway.

However, seed bombs did experience their true hype in the 1970s as more and more people decided to protest against environmental pollution. They have created more and more urban green spaces by means of the Seed Balls and”shot at”them with flower and plant seeds – a real guerilla gardening!

Make seed bombs yourself, throw them… and make for more joie de vivre!

make garden ideas seed bombs yourself

Making seed bombs yourself: Simple instructions

You need:

(for about 20 seed bombs)

  • 3 teaspoons of seed of your choice (high quality, local seeds are recommended)
  • 12- 15 tablespoon potting soil, black soil of good quality
  • 12-15 tablespoons of clay powder or bentonite (a mixture of clay minerals)
  • Water as needed
  • Sieve, wooden stick, peel
  • Underlay for drying – baking paper, egg carton etc.

And that’s how easy it is:

Sifting soil to remove larger particles, pebbles, or twigs. Add clay powder and seeds. Add water until it forms a smooth, slightly firm dough. Roll balls of equal size from the dough by hand – about the size of a walnut. Lay the seed bombs on the surface to dry and pack well after drying or store in a cool, dark place.

1st step

potting seed bombs themselves make ideas

2nd step

seed bombs themselves make ideas plant

3rd step

seed bombs themselves make potting soil

4th step

seed bombs themselves make garden diy ideas

5th step

seed bombs make diy ideas garden

You can also use a silicone mold for your DIY seed bombs

seed bombs themselves make silicone mold ideas garden

Food colors make the Seed Balls colorful

make colors ideas seed bombs yourself

You can also master them more exotic

seed bombs themselves make plants landscaping

Now you are well equipped for your guerilla gardening

seed bombs themselves make garden ideas

Choose your”battlefields”sensibly!

seed bombs themselves make garden planting

Turn drab city corners into beautiful flower oases!

seed bombs make their own actions city planting

The perfect throw time for your seed bombs is usually the period between April and August, depending on the plant species of course. Robust plants such as cornflowers and marigolds, poppies, chamomile and nasturtium, as well as chicory, Dost, dandelion, daisies and sorrel are particularly well suited… the list is long. The good news is that even during a walk in the forest or in the park, you can collect some seeds from wild plants that grow regionally. This will give your seed bombs even better chances to blossom. Speaking of which, you can store the seed bombs for up to two years after they are made, but in a dark, dry place.

perfect Make Easter presents yourself

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Great DIY gift ideas for all ages

Incidentally, DIY seed bombs are also ideal as gifts for many occasions – for birthdays, Mother’s Day or Easter – or as a souvenir for brunch in spring. Not only passionate gardeners, but also total beginners, who have no green thumb at all, are looking forward to it. Of course, seed balls are not just for spontaneous urban greening. These can also be used for your balcony or roof terrace, as well as for designing a mini herb garden in the kitchen, for example.

Beautifully packaged or arranged in a large mason jar, your homemade seed bombs are a real surprise that brings new life. You can also do this in jute bags or in DIY gift wrap Give away as empty toilet paper rolls.

Great surprise with seed bombs in the bag

gift idea spring easter make seed bombs yourself

Make lavender seed bombs yourself and give them away for Easter

lavender seed bombs themselves make Easter gifts ideas

A smart idea for wedding favors

make seed bombs yourself gift ideas wedding favor

Beautify your DIY seed bombs with colorful petals!

make seed bombs yourself with petals gift idea easter

Extra tips for optimal results:

  1. Not for nothing called seed bombs! So really – throw them and do not dig! Otherwise you run the risk that the seeds can not germinate.
  2. Irrigate regularly until the mass is well kneaded and the seed bombs never dry out.
  3. Depending on the seed varieties, choose the location of the shoot – and tend to opt for more sun.
  4. Try to put together a seed mixture of annual and perennial plants and flowers. So you also enjoy the results of your Seed Balls longer.
  5. Foreign private property and public parks are rather taboo here.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

seed bombs make diy garden plants yourself

So, only to! Making seed bombs by yourself is really not rocket science, but a great crafting affair that is a lot of fun and nature love. You will not only beautify your balcony and garden, but also sprinkle more flowers in boring, drab areas. A very important side effect: the so important bees will be able to find more clean food and have better chances to survive. And by the way, by the way!

Start your guerrilla gardening later this year! Organize shares with seed bombs on Facebook or in the neighborhood and challenge your fellow human beings for more environmentally friendly actions, because life is everything we really have.

A small seed bomb can do wonders

gift ideas make colorful seed bombs yourself

Take the first step and leave everything else to the power of nature!

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