Make Shabby Chic Yourself And Give The Home An Authentic Sense Of Space

Posted on May 19, 2018

Surely you have noticed it yourself: Shabby Chic is very trendy nowadays! In the Shabby Chic style heritage and flea market pieces are staged. Shabby Chic furniture is also newly produced and also has the typical character: the traces of use give the furniture its unique charm… If you want to bring a shabby chic flair to your home, then do it with the help of matching pieces of furniture! Instead of buying new furniture that looks old, you could give the furniture you have now an outdated look. That’s what it’s all about here today: Shabby Chic!

White chest of drawers radiates the typical charm of the Shabby Chic furniture

shabby chic itself make elegant white dresser

Making furniture out of grandma’s time – how is that possible?

It’s possible that you’ll give old furniture a new look from the basement for a shabby chic feel. But you also have another way to achieve this unique interior design style. Even new pieces of furniture can give you an outdated look!

In any case, you get the typical character of the Shabby Chic furniture.

Do Shabby Chic yourself – White Shabby Chic furniture is classic!

shabby chic itself make white color furniture decorate

The furniture should first be cleaned with a damp cloth and a detergent. Then allow the wood to dry and then sand it gently with a sandpaper so that the surface becomes smooth again. After painting or painting the surfaces, sand them down and remove the flaking paint. In order to keep the chalk color better, the wood is pretreated with primer. Then apply the chalk paint evenly and let it dry. To create the used look, sand through the desired areas with sandpaper.

The desk for the workplace could be designed individually

shabby chic itself make blue desk workroom

Another way to get the outdated look is with Lasur. But for chairs, stools and benches, this technique is not recommended, because the seat is used intensively and can rub off. It is then possible that also stains on garments arise.

So first clean the wood. Then roughen the surface with sandpaper. To achieve an authentic vintage look on smooth surfaces or surfaces free of quirks and cracks, use a coarse sandpaper or flat-bladed screwdriver to clean them after cleaning. Then paint the furniture with the glaze and let it dry overnight. After it has dried, paint it with style color loft finish. Now you can sandpaper corners, edges, and surfaces with the loft finish dry. The other option is to remove excess loft finish with a rubber squeegee immediately after applying the loft finish before allowing the surface to dry.

A dresser in light blue is a great eye-catcher in the outdoor area

shabby chic itself make light blue dresser

The right pieces of furniture in the right color

Old furniture can look beautiful too! The Shabby Chic pieces of furniture prove it! So if you have boxes, sideboards and chests of drawers, as well as kitchen furniture, which you want to give a new look, give it the beautiful patina of shabby chic! Best of all, choose solid wood furniture for your DIY projects. Fine veneered pieces can hardly be processed in this way.

Then choose the right color for your beautiful Shabby Chic furniture. White Shabby Chic pieces of furniture are classic and colored Shabby Chic pieces of furniture fascinate by a fancy charisma! Tender blue-green, for example, is great as a color for your very special furniture. But you could also use two colors. For example, apply pink as an undertone and white as an overcoat. These shades in the color are visible through the Shabby Chic effect and you then achieve a wonderful look: It looks as if the furniture was first colored and later painted in white!

Cool (suitcase) coffee table provides the vintage mood in the room

Shabby Chic Make yourself Cool Coffee Table Light Flooring Living Room

The vintage style has something feminine about it…

Shabby Chic Make DIY Ideas Old Furniture

Make vintage furniture for the dining room itself

shabby chic itself make vintage look diy ideas

Shabby chic furniture is usually painted in light shades

shabby chic itself make side table light green

Get Shabby Chic furniture for the garden party

shabby chic make yourself garden chairs garden table light blue
make shabby chic yourself make light blue dresser decorate
shabby chic itself make fancy diy ideas white vintage cupboard

Storage ideas with vintage furniture

shabby chic make light blue cupboard
make shabby chic yourself light blue table storage basket
shabby chic make yourself kitchen set up ideas fancy fridge

Pallet tables can also look shabby chic

shabby chic yourself make pallet table diy furniture living room
shabby chic itself make bedroom set up ideas
shabby chic itself make beautiful living ideas elegant pieces of furniture

Decorate the Shabby Chic Dresser appropriately

shabby chic itself make cupboard age look
shabby chic self make porch design cabinet outdated look
shabby chic itself make green desk bin ideas

Furniture with an outdated look can look elegant too!

shabby chic make white chest of drawers
shabby chic make white cabinet garden party
shabby chic make yourself living room set up coffee table outdated look

Shabby chic in the living room

make shabby chic yourself living room comfortably furnished
shabby chic make yourself shabby chic living room ideas diy coffee table wooden planks vintage dresser blue drapes
shabby chic make yourself kitchen set up white cozy floorboards

Shabby Chic kitchen design

shabby chic make yourself furniture shabby chic dining area chandelier carpet floral pattern floral decoration
shabby chic make yourself furniture shabby chic living room white plank floor bright fabric pattern
shabby chic make yourself shabby chic style living room coffee table wood
Shabby Chic itself makes furniture for the dining room

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