Make Soap Yourself: Simple Recipe For Fragrant Cleanliness

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If the DIY wave has just grabbed you again, you will find today with us an absolutely great and easy idea to imitate. Namely, it’s about beautiful, fragrant soaps. With it you can give yourself as well as your loved ones numerous, pleasant bath hours and pamper all senses. Because with relatively few materials, you can do a lot of soap yourself. You decide what size, shape, colors and scent you want. The soaps can then be packaged original. Thus, the whole thing looks great and can be given thematically for almost any occasion. We have more DIY soap in this recipe with us lavender flowers concentrated. But you can also use other petals and scents in the same way, such as marigolds, chamomile, rose petals, lemon or mint oil, etc.

Make soap yourself and give it away

Lavender Coffee Soap Making DIY Gift Ideas

Making soap yourself is a lot of fun

As a soap base you usually take raw soap or soap block called. There is plenty of this material in the craft shops or you can order it on the internet. Look out for VEGAN. From a conventional soap block can make up to 7-8 medium-sized soaps themselves.

You can choose between transparent or opaque / white soap. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, you can Make soap base from completely natural ingredients to use an already purchased, fragrance-neutral soap or even dry soap scraps.

Create your own individual soaps according to your mood!

make soap yourself rose petals lavender tea

There are a lot of soap fragrances and colors that you can choose and combine according to your personal taste. As a soap fragrance, you can also get natural, skin-friendly oils from the pharmacy. Instead of soap color you can also use normal food coloring.

Depending on the color intensity, you can add more or less drops of the color to the liquid soap

make soap yourself lavender flowers diy gift ideas

Special soap molds, muffin sheets or ice cube molds made of silicone are suitable for shaping the soap. Even a simple elongated cake pan can be used for this purpose. From this, smaller soap disks can be cut out and used directly or given away.

A real lavender dream

make your own soap with lavender wellness bath salts fresh flowers

DIY soap with lime and coconut flakes

Lime Coconut Soap Making DIY Gift Ideas

Very original are the so-called labels or stamps, which are placed in the mold before the actual pouring of the soap. With that you can make effective, stamped soap yourself.

DIY soap stamp

make diy lavender soap yourself

Make soap yourself: the recipe

Buy either a self-made or soap-only soap kit and prepare the following ingredients and materials.

  • a large saucepan and a smaller bowl
  • Muffin sheet, ice mold or special silicone soap mold
  • silicone spatula
  • Wooden skewer or sticks
  • dried lavender flowers (or flowers of your choice)
  • Soap color or food coloring
  • Soap scent or natural, essential oil (lavender)

You can also make your DIY soap in layers

lavender flowers dried soap make yourself recipe

And this is how it’s done:

Cut the soap block into smaller pieces and place them in the bowl. In a water bath with the help of a saucepan you let the soap melt. The melting point is about 60 degrees. Alternatively, it’s in the microwave, where you should work in 30 second increments.

Silicone soap molds is best for making soap yourself

Silicone mold make soap for yourself

But it works quite well with a conventional muffin sheet

Muffinform soap itself make gift ideas

After the soap has become completely liquid, you can start pouring into the desired mold. Depending on which variant you have selected, you can individually add different colors and scents to the soap in each individual container. So add 1-2 drops of scented oil and any amount of color. If you want to get a uniform color, you can stir it more vigorously. And if you want to have a beautiful marbled soap, simply streak with the wooden skewer before the liquid cures.

DIY marbled soap

make marble effect soap yourself

The dried flowers are also added in small quantities. If you want to distribute the flowers in the whole soap, then pour them gradually into the molds and stir the liquid well. Then let the soap dry. At room temperature, this takes about 3 hours and in the refrigerator at most 30-40 minutes.

When your DIY soap is completely cured, you can carefully remove it from the mold. Finished!

You can also pour your DIY soap into a long cake pan and then cut it

make lavender soap yourself cake-shaped lavender-resized

Extra tips:

  • When pouring the soap liquid in the forms work best in layers, so that the flowers not only swim on top of it, but are distributed in the whole soap. In between, always allow to cool slightly and continue again.
  • When pouring transparent soaps, you can put a small animal or similar into the mold. This is especially good for toddlers – so the sweets have more fun washing their hands.
  • If your soaps get unsightly edges after curing, you can easily smooth them with a carrot peeler.
  • For the marble effect you need to add the color drop by drop even before the actual casting into the mold.

You can combine different colors

soap itself make soap color plastic mold instruction

Your creativity knows no bounds

DIY soap make lavender soap color gift ideas yourself

The ultimate DIY gift

Now it only remains to pack the great homemade soaps beautifully as gifts. These are quite suitable for giving away on different occasions or just as a souvenir. A classic for soap packaging is tissue paper. Of course you can also take parcel box or normal wrapping paper or pack the soaps in beautiful preserving jars or cans. Even toilet paper rolls serve as original and environmentally friendly gift packaging. As a decoration of the packaging even printed stickers, stamps, plucking, cardboard string, dried lavender flowers, etc. are highly recommended.

DIY soap packaging as Christmas gifts

Make your own soap making gift box

Be inspired by our picture and video collection and create your own special and individual DIY soaps. Experiment as you wish! You will certainly experience a lot of joy and well-being and give it away.

A lot of craftsmanship and a good luck!

A great video for fragrant DIY flower soap:

Make a super original idea for lemon soap yourself:

And how about a revitalizing coffee soap?

DIY soaps can even be packed in cardboard with jute cord

diy gifts make soap yourself

Or make it more elegant in gold and black

Make your own soap making gift box

Sometimes just a loop is enough

make soap yourself lavender gift ideas
heart shape make soap with flowers lavender wedding favor yourself
Oatmeal soap itself will make healthy gift ideas

… or just a thin string

make soap yourself gift ideas

Even unpackaged, DIY soaps make a strong impression

Coconut flakes soap make DIY gift ideas yourself

Great gift idea for Mother’s Day

make soap yourself pink color heart flowers shapes gift ideas

Or quite classically packed as a Valentine’s Day present

make diy valentine's day soap yourself

Especially children stand on such transparent DIY soaps with figures in it

DIY Gift Ideas Kids make glycerin soap by yourself
make soap yourself glycerin soap diy gift ideas

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