Make Turquoise By Yourself: Simple Instructions And Great Ideas For Your Christmas Decoration

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Making turquoise itself is too difficult and very cumbersome? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Turquoises on various occasions have always been one of the most popular DIY projects at all and give the kids a lot of fun and fun. To Easter or at Christmas, Basteläden and Nature offer wonderful materials, with which you can make wonderful turquoise itself. You do not need any special skills or previous knowledge. A bit of time and a reasonable dose of Bastellust are enough.

To help you, we have a great DIY project for you to send Christmas wreath ready. This is quite easy to replicate and is considered extremely time-and cost-effective. Look at everything in peace and follow the simple instruction manual step by step!

Make a Christmas turquoise

do you own diy bastelideen?

Although it is a turquoise for Christmas, you can actually make it in different versions and turn it into a table or wall ring, depending on your own taste and personal preferences.

To make this turquoise yourself, you need:

  • a foam ring from the boutique
  • Fabric ribbon in a popular pattern
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fir green, artificial or natural
  • Wild berries, artificial or natural
  • additional Christmas decoration of your choice
  • metal clip-on clamps
  • a scissors

Make basic materials with the turquoise

The DIY guide step by step

Step 1

First, start with the foam ring and the cloth tape by first fixing the tape to the wreath with the hot-melt gun.

step 2

Then wrap the fabric around the wreath until no more foam is visible. Fix the end with the heat gun.

fabric band diy bastelideen turkish make itself

When the foam ring is completely covered with the fixed fabric, the remaining materials follow

material baselidee deko turkish making itself

step 3

Using the clip-on clamps and the hot-glue gun, you then attach the decoration branches with the berries, the Christmas star and the fir green on the wreath, as shown below.

decorate the berry itself with berries

Naturally, you can also use only branches, berries and greenery from nature

tuerkranz itself make dekomaterialien to christmas

And voilà… finished is your turquoise for Christmas!

christmas star turkish making ideas

We hope that this super simple guide for a beautiful Christmas wreath can provide you with a useful aid. A lot of fun and a lot of fun!

The editorial office wishes you a merry Christmas!

And still make some original and festive ideas for turquoise yourself, which will definitely inspire you:

light chain christmas wreath

Use the wonderful gifts of nature!

building materials turfengruen

A large, red bow to hang on the turquoise

tuerkranz itself with red loop and tannengruen

Rose hips, cones and mini-tangerines as Christmas decoration

tannengruen oranges red berries turkish make themselves

Round off with some artificial snow!

tannengruen tuerkranz itself make

Cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices are very popular as Christmas decorations

tannengruen cones oranges cinnamon sticks to make your own Christmas

Just like rowanberries and small forest fruits

tuerkranz itself make berries

Small, glittering accents are miniature Christmas tree balls in red or gold

turkeys themselves making cones cinnamon sticks oranges berries

And when the snow comes to us over Christmas, everything will be even more magical and reflective…

christmas decorations

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