Make Your Own Marble Decoration: Short Instructions And Great Ideas As Inspiration

Everyone is crazy about marble this year! By the way, we too. And we do not just like noble ones Marble coffee tables , Sink, tiles and windowsill from the beautiful stone, but also homemade marble look. That’s why we’re doing marble decoration ourselves today. A simple quick start guide and lots of great ideas are available below as DIY inspiration.

Making marble decoration yourself is easy

dy flower pots make marble decoration yourself

Marbling with nail polish or acrylic paints

The DIY marble effect technique is actually quite simple and fun for all ages. You can marmorate almost all smaller objects and decorative elements to your whim. Especially flower pots, vases, lanterns, glasses, bottles, coffee cups and bowls are perfect as a homemade marble decoration, but also paper and textiles can be decorated in this way.

In addition to conventional marbling colors from the craft shop you can use normal nail polish or acrylic paints. However, you should be careful with acrylic paints and marbling only those items that are spared by the weather or moisture.

Vases and flower pots marbled with nail polish

Marble decorating yourself with marbling nail polish

Make the marble decoration yourself: The quick guide

The following instructions are a basic technique that you can then adapt to decorative objects as needed.

Everything you need for marbling with nail polish:

  • different shades of nail polish
  • Flowerpots or other objects
  • white spray paint for priming
  • Bowl or bucket for the water
  • Painter’s tape or masking tape (optional)
  • Shish kebab o.
  • documents
  • Apron and disposable gloves (if desired)

You can even use this technique to marry Easter eggs

make your own marble eggs

And this is how it’s done:

Start by priming the flowerpots. In order for the marble effect to become much stronger afterwards, they should be white. So, place the flower pots on a stable surface and spray gently and evenly with the white spray paint on top. You can also use a suitable mask. We recommend that you keep a distance of approx. 20 cm when spraying, so that the base becomes nicely even. Two layers of paint are optimal. Wait between about 20-30 minutes. After applying the second coat, wait at least 2 hours to start marbling.

On white, the marble effect is even stronger

marble decoration do it yourself flower pots

Then take a slightly older bowl or bucket, which may later remain soiled. Because some traces of paint are only very difficult to remove. Fill the container with water and drip from the nail polish colors. If you want it more intense, then give a little more of each color chosen. If the result looks good, take the shish kebab and carefully go through the water surface. So that the colors mix easily with each other.

You can also use only 2-3 shades of the same color

marble decor itself make flowerpots

Now put on the gloves and pick up the first flower pot. Dip it slowly into the paint water and take it out with a quick movement. In this way, you can also marble all other pots and have them subsequently dried on a clean surface or kitchen paper. Finished!

Already the next day the marbled flowerpots are ready for planting

decorate flower pots to make your own marble decor

Extra tip: If you want to have geometric patterns on the flowerpots, you can mask them with the masking tape before immersing in water.

Marble paper

Not only hard objects can be perfectly designed as a marble decoration, but also paper. The principle is the same. However, flat baking trays or casserole dishes and, above all, watercolor paper, such as postcards and envelopes, are best suited for this purpose.

Extra tip: For a slightly hazy marble effect, you can also drop a bit of nail polish remover into the water and then immerse the paper.

Simple technology, great effect!

paper marbling instruction

Your DIY envelopes are finished in marble look so easy and fast

paper marbling marble decoration
Textile marbling instruction

Well, has you inspired this simple DIY marble effect technique? Then start creating beautiful marble deco! It’s worth it anyway…

Lime-white coffee cups become colorfully original in the twinkling of an eye

make coffee cup marble marble decor itself
Marble with nail polish marble decoration

As well as bowls and planters

Making marble decoration with nail polish yourself

Glass lanterns do not even need a primer when marbling

make DIY tealight marble decoration yourself
marbling with nail polish tealights
Marbling with nail polish wind light

Marbling in just one color, such as blue or gray for example, looks even more elegant

Marble decorating yourself make DIY flowerpots

No less effective is the so-called shaving foam technique

make coasters marble marble decor yourself
Marble with acrylics marble decoration

Have fun marveling and marbling wishes the Freshideen-Redaktion!

marble decoration marbling with nail polish
make yourself a flower pot
make your own marble flower pot
marble decor itself make jewelry store

decorate the bowl decorate marble decor yourself

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