Marmalade Cook As A Gift- The Recipe For Christmas Jam

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To give the summer in the glass for Christmas is a great gift idea that is both personal and self-made. In the most grateful season, where everything is ripe and fruitful, one can only make one- make jam and keep the beautiful magic of summer with some little tricks up to the winter in the glass.

Have you ever boiled jam yourself? Do not worry, we are ready to enrich your life with excellent ideas and recipe suggestions.

In the summer we collect the fruits and keep them well for the winter

Christmas marmalade cooking medicinal herbs dark

What is the best way to cook a jam?

All, really all summer fruits can be processed to jam. At the beginning of the summer, you can first prepare a strawberry jam or a mix of strawberries and rhubarb. Cherries, mirabelles and also all forest berries can produce a fragrant jam separately or as a fruity-sour composition.

Blackberries, rose hip and elderberry are also the perfect candidates for a vitamin-containing jam, which can be given with a clear conscience for Christmas. Raspberries and blueberries are our favorites and look particularly appetizing in small and decorative glasses. The popular plums appear in all the federal states numerous, which can only mean that you have many different Marmelade-recipes Could try.

Only through the right spice mixture do the dishes get a special flavor

Christmas marmalade cooking medicinal herbs

The possibility to cook a Christmas jam does not cease, because jam can be cooked from all summer fruits, including the tomatoes.

Marmalade cooking has only succeeded if the colors and aromas remain

Christmas marmalade cooking curative strawberry

Where is the difference between jam and jam?

As we all know, Christmas is the feast of reflection and of course the gift of Christmas. Thinking about things is not always about buying items in a business. Love and affection for a person is much more important than the gift itself. Something homemade from the heart always has a special place under the Christmas tree.

If you are already determined to give a homemade Christmas jam, do not forget the flavors, herbs and spice mixtures To use, which is always associated with Christmas. Among the spices we also include the nuts as a prop of the most popular feast of the year, so it would be appropriate also fresh and Raw nuts In the house before the beginning of cooking.

Homemade and also from the heart – this is a good Christmas gift

Christmas marmalade cooking apricot

The recipe for Christmas jam

In the following you get a basic recipe for delicious Christmas jam and can with the seasonal fruits and flavors Vary when you become more experienced and feel more self-assured.

The summer can be smeared on bread and thus the most beautiful memories review happen

Christmas marmelade cooking medicinal gift ideas
Christmas marmalade cooking medicinal herb blackberry

Sauerkirsch-Amaretto- oranges jam – recipe

ingredients : 500g sour cherries, 500g oranges, 500g gelling sugar, 1EL gingerbread spice, 2EL almond slivers, chocolate sprinkles or chocolate syrup, 2-3 Spr Amaretto.

preparation : Stir the sour cherries and purée the pulp! The oranges can be blended in slices or pieces with the cherry puree, the gelling sugar and the gingerbread spice in a large cooking pot.

Dare to mix black cherries with chocolate

Christmas marmalade cooking medicinal herbs cherry jam

Carefully select the right flavors to the fruity taste

Christmas marmalade cook spice mixture

While stirring, bring to a boil and stirring occasionally. Just before the Christmas jam is ready, add the almond slivers and the amaretto. Let the jam still bubble for about 3 minutes and take off the stove.

Drop 70 g of blended chocolate or syrup into jam, pour into jars and close your result immediately.

If the jam is cooked properly, the good vitamins remain in it

Christmas, jam, cook, healing, hagebute, blueberry

Each summer fruit can produce a fantastic jam

Christmas jam cooking medicinal herb apricot raspberry
Christmas marmalade cook

Can jam be cooked at home?

In small quantities you can of course make the Christmas jam even at home. In doing so, you should only accept the increased electricity bill, because jam cooking can be somewhat time-consuming depending on the recipe.

Christmas jam holly

With ripe tomatoes, the jam becomes delicious and memorable

Cookie jam cook ginger ginger tomato

Kiwis also belong in the glass

Christmas jam killing kiwi kiwi

The eye eats!

We all know that the eye is with us, but what does it mean in our case?

When you boil jam for the first time, you are immediately overwhelmed by the magnificent colors and flavors. These colors and flavors can be quickly lost if one does not always take care of the jam and these cooked.

Suppose you have boiled the jam with success. Now comes the next delicate step for every beginner, namely filling the fresh jam into jars. Make sure the glasses are clean and well dried! Pour the jam carefully into the jars so that the glass does not burst through the high temperature.

If you have already done this step, you can continue decorating.

Colors and fragrances should be carefully dosed and mixed

Christmas jam cooking medicinal herb lavender apricots

The finished jars with jam would also like to be nicely decorated

Christmas marmelade cooking medicinal herb mini gl

Jelly from mint – so summery and delicious

Christmas marmalade cooking medicinal herb mint

The sweetness of the Mirabelle can bear a spicy-tart taste

Christmas marmelade cooking medicinal mirabelle coconut lime

A small branch is sufficient for an intense taste

Christmas marmalade cooking rosemary
Sour cream recipes
Christmas jam cooking healthy heals sunny
Cook the jam

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