Mason Jars Decoration For Your Very Special Home And Garden Decoration

Everyone knows canning jars serve perfectly for purely practical purposes. But even exclusively decorative, these can be used. How come?! By transforming them so that they get a new shape. Let’s see how you can creatively use canning jars… We would like to show you some great examples of canning jars decoration that everyone could imitate in primzip. Stay tuned and let yourself be surprised!

Mason jars make your own decoration with a lot of imagination

Mason jars and mason jars awaken creativity in one

Canning jars are not just used as food containers. As flower vases they just look great. You are actually a perfect flower container! Put on the table, you catch everyone’s attention! You can decorate not only the dining table with it, but also the side table in the living room or in the hall… Unusual accessories can be these too.

Here you can use the classic use of preserving jars, namely arrange different things in this. You will admire how original such deco ideas work. Shells, stones or even sand or other favorite things will fill these functional objects wonderfully. And if you turn these into lights, you can create a beautiful romantic mood. Also as a gift for a special occasion you could convert the jars. Instead of giving away a voucher, you’re looking for something very special! The recipient will certainly be impressed!

Mason jars proudly replace the usual flower vases

A great gift for Valentine’s Day is the…

jars deko valentines day gift ideas

Mason jars as an alternative to seasonal decoration

Autumn decoration in mason jars, Halloween or Christmas decoration with jars! Does not that sound fantastic?! And there are so many DIY ideas possible because Mason jars give a broad field of experimentation … For example, you can fill them with leaves or nuts and spice up the seasonal decoration. Decorate the banquet with seasonal flowers or add a touch of more festive mood. Mason jars really help you a great deal!

Refresh the autumn table

Christmas is more exciting when you make the decoration yourself!

Mason jars for vintage mood

Mason jars and mason jars create an excellent vintage mood. That’s why they are perfect as a deco for the vintage wedding. But the home decor benefits from the functional Einmachgläsern. Paint them or decorate them with paper or cloth and bring a vintage flair in the living room or bedroom. You can easily do that by putting suitable flowers or twigs in it.

Vintage accessories make the home cozy in a special way

jars of deco make vintage vases on your own

Be creative and bring freshness to your home through beautiful vintage deco

mason jars decoration jars vases deco ideas wedding

Canning jars can be used again and again. They look good everywhere and on any occasion. Whether arranged on the table, as hanging flower vases, lanterns or plant containers for the kitchen herbs. All known jam or cucumber glasses are a flexible decoration and admire each one by their uniqueness…

Mason jars are a wonderful addition to the decoration of a vintage wedding!

mason jars deco vintage deco wedding

Preserving jars of course in the living room

mason jars deco living room decoration jars vases

With preserving jars, you can easily make unique candle holders

jars of deco candles romantic mood
mason jar decoration mason jar painting autumn decoration autumn leaves
mason jar decoration mason jar vase container for sweets

All eyes just stay on this homemade decoration!

Mason Jars Decorating Jars Painting DIY Decorations
Mason Jars Decorating Jars Paint Different Colors
mason jars deco diy deco ideas wedding decoration

Paint jars for the very original Christmas decorations

preserving jars decoration decorating homemade mason jars painting stripes
Mason Jars Make Decorations Deko yourself
jars deko freshness deco itself make flower vases

For a nice romantic flair you can rely on original canning jars decoration!

mason jars decoration garden party deco ideas table decoration
mason jars decor garden lights garden fence
Einmachgläser Deko Herbstdeko itself make ideas

Express your creativity!

Einmachgläser Deko Make a creative decoration yourself
mason jars decoration creative deco ideas black lanterns
mason jars decoration creative deco ideas home decor flower vases

Make a glittering Christmas decoration!

mason jars decoration creative christmas decoration ideas
Mason jars make a décor lantern itself
mason jars decoration lantern christmas decorations idea
Mason jars make lanterns themselves

The Halloween decoration can look extraordinary!

mason jars decoration mummies make halloween decoration yourself
mason jars decoratively plant container fresh paint
Mason jar decoration stylish Christmas decorations diy decoration ideas

Bring fresh mood through creative table decoration home

Mason jars decoration vases for the table decoration
mason jars decoration diy deco ideas romantic mood
jars of deco vintage style flower vases
mason jars decoration deco halloween funny
mason jars deko fancy candlesticks
mason jars deco christmas diy deco
mason jars decoration christmas deco ideas