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There are so many weekend classes that offer more and more crafts. We go past the hangs and do not always stick to the intended target group. We’re too busy, we always think. Too stressed to have a pleasant hobby. The truth is that creative activities do us good.

We are all talented in one area or another. If you have not yet discovered your flair for the beauty, it is really time to do it.

Look at what a neat beauty, broken pieces together with old flower heads result

Mosaic itself making garden paths stone flower head Mosaic stones

These decorative mushrooms will decorate your garden all year round

Mosaic self making mushroom garden mosaic stones

Give the everyday objects more uniqueness

Mosaic itself making garden path bottle mosaic stones

Even ordinary flower boxes get a charming character

Mosaic itself making garden paths stone flower boxes Mosaic stones

Mosaic itself make mosaic stones

A bit of prehistory

In today’s material, we have sought out a theme with a long history and tradition that was well known in ancient times, if not earlier. This is the theme of refinement by mosaic stones. In the 21st century we can This design technique Most often admire in bathing establishments and more and more in well-equipped chimneys and backyards.

The fractured structure of the mosaic offers a unique light and color game, which pleases our eye.

The design of the mosaic invigorates everyone and enhances every interior and exterior

Mosaic itself make regentonne mosaic stones

With colorful stones you can model any motifs

Mosaic itself make garden paths Mosaic stones

With blanks you can achieve great results in the design

Mosaic itself make garden paths cds mosaic stones

Gardening ideas and more

If you want to have mosaic stones in the garden, this is a really first-class decision. The mosaic stones complement the natural beauty of the flowering bushes and flowers and make your garden look like a fairy tale. Whether in the sun or in the rain, especially if you make the mosaic yourself, the colored stones will change our otherwise gray reality for a while.

Shards bring luck and happiness should not be thrown. From broken plates, blumbs, glasses or even from no longer usable DVD blanks you can create fantastic decoration and atmosphere, which is absolutely unique.

Walkways made of mosaic stones look magical and playful

Mosaic itself make garden path mosaic stones

Decorating stones with mosaic is rarely seen and gives your garden or courtyard an artistic touch

Mosaic itself make garden paths stone mosaic stones

There are several things you need before you make a mosaic ornament. A good preparation, planning and material selection will assure you a smooth and productive course.

The ideal accessory would be:

The object you want to refine

Porcelain and tiles

abrasive paper


-Box cutter

-Safety goggles


– Bath towels

-exchangeable containers


– ready cement mixture

-Acryl Mix



It is useful to make a design, sketch or design

Mosaic itself make garden paths mosaic stones

So every embellishment will look exactly like in your imaginations

Mosaic making mosaic stones

Remember that your ennobling object To be stable. A whole thing would be metal, wood, concrete or clay. The decorative mosaic mosaic can be glued to all surfaces except for those made of light plastic. Additional dishes are available on flea markets.

The mosaic pattern has something mysterious and incomplete in it

Mosaic self make flower mosaic stones

Start with old clay flower heads and create your own gardening!

Make mosaic yourself for planting mosaic stones

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