Nail Design Inspired By Dia De Los Muertos Themselves Make

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nail design myself making skulls skull

How you can make your festive nail design itself

Exactly when we celebrate Halloween, you have in Mexico Dia de los Muertos. The tradition that is behind it, is actually ancient and comes from the Aztecs. It celebrates the goddess of the underworld – the Mictecacihuatl, which presides over the life after death. At the celebrations not only offerings are made, played music and danced, but you covered and decorated with marigolds, skulls, bones and other attributes that indicate the death. Of course the fingernails belong to the festive outfit. Here we have some great ideas on how you can make such a nail design itself. Characteristic are above all the skulls, which often have flowers instead of eyes and look cute. More popular symbols are roses, hearts, bones, and crosses.

Elegance in black and white

nail design itself making black white filigree

Look at everything alone. What are your Favorites? Which one would you like to wear? These nail designs are suitable not only for DIA de los Muertos, but also for Halloween, Gothic parties, and other occasions. You can wear them quietly in the disco, or go to a house party. Depending on your favorite style, you can choose between minimalist patterns in black and white or coloured, floral designs.

These delicate, floral patterns and cute skulls, which you can see above, will fit almost any clothing and makeup. You look elegant and refined and suited also as everyday nail design.

Flowers, hearts and funny skulls

nail design itself making skull bone Dia de Los Muertos

One Las Muertas by photographer Tim Tadder

nail design itself making Mexico photo Las Muertas

Typical skulls with flower eyes

nail design itself making flowers colorful skulls

DIA de los Muertos nail design from the blog: the nail art show

nail design itself making the nail art show guide

Girlish heart and rhinestones nail design

nail design itself making Dia de Muertos ideas

Three-dimensioned skulls with colorful flowers

nail design itself making Dia de Muertos skulls

Gothic nails in dark blue

nail design itself making creepy blue roses

Extra long fingernails with artful decoration

nail design itself making artistic Dia de Los Muertos

Red Rose design with skull and crossbones

nail design itself making Dia de Los Muertos

Galactic crosses on a white background

nail design itself making minimalistic crosses

Nail design Anatomy in black and white

nail design itself making minimalist black white skulls

Traditional and cheerful

nail design itself making skull colorful floral pattern

If you glitter stand

nail design itself making skulls hearts rhinestones

Small friendly skulls

nail design itself making skull pattern

Golden Scorpio and bold colors

nail design itself making abstract skull Scorpion

Black cat and gold luster

nail design itself making skull black cat gold gloss

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