Old PET Bottles Are To Creative Plastic Figures

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

pet bottles art plants cacti

Sustainable art made of PET bottles

We have considered the problem with plastic and the associated pollution of the environment. Although this material is practically never degrades and forever and remains in nature, there are some creative ways to make it usable again except for the conventional method of Recyclierens. So far, we have shown you what you can make from old plastic bags, plastic cutlery and straws. Today’s bottles in our PET. These plastic products are known today and can be seen almost everywhere this, unfortunately, also sometimes in the woods or thrown away on the field. Who would have thought it that actually beautiful figurines that can be created? The Czech Veronika Richterová shows us a very unconventional and eco-friendly way, what you can do with the used PET bottles of mineral water and shower.

Delicate blue roses

pet bottles art blue roses

Richterová used heat to make the bottles in any forms. Whimsical creatures are resulted. You will be surprised of colorful fish, beautiful flowers, bats, frogs, crabs and magnificent Cactus here and now. Up to now, the innovative artist has processed thousands of bottles. You catered for even a Museum for plastic sculptures, where you can admire around 3000 pieces of art. Where it comes to useless items, sees the young Czech whimsical art figures, who can continue to live the plastic. It is their own way of showing that you must seek always the beautiful and good in the world people. Their sustainable art gives us hope and motivates us to think more and more in our environment and to protect it in all our activities. Look at the plastic art of Richterová and think about what you can at home make plastic. Maybe you have some plastic bottles or bags that have not ended up in the recycling bin.

Colorful sea fauna

pet bottles art colorful fish marine

Funny plastic monkeys

pet bottles art monkey tree

Aquarium equipment made of PET bottles

pet bottles art aquarium fish coral Algien

Sleeping bats

plastic bottles art art bats

An oversized Blue Frog

pet bottles art art Giganter Blue Frog

These cacti collection looks as genuine at first glance

plastic bottles art kind of cacti collection

Be careful! Here comes the big crocodile

Platik bottles art kind of plastic crocodile

Cleverly shaped Porcupine

PET bottles art art Stachenschwein

White Daffodil on the field

plastic bottles art flowers daffodils

Brown Armadillo

plastic bottles art Brown Armadillo

Graceful Chameleon

pet bottles art Chameleon green

Decorative pendant lights

pet bottles art filigree pendants

Shoal of fish of a special kind

plastic bottles art school of fish

Bat in detail

plastic bottles art bats details

A magnificent cacti project

plastic bottles art cacti

Red River crab in the Aquarium

pet bottles art cancer red

Yellow crab

plastic bottles art Orange River crab

Lush jungle of plastic

pet bottles art Palm jungle

Funny penguins

plastic bottles art penguins

Delicate jellyfish

pet bottles art plastic bottle jellyfish

Mystical water lilies

plastic bottles art plastic water lilies

Ornate roses with thorns

pet bottles art roses thorns plastic

Giant Butterfly and sunflowers

plastic bottles art Butterfly

Gorgeous tropical flower

pet bottles art tropical plant

Giant flowers

flowers oversized plastic bottles art

Magical fruit

bottles art whimsical plant decoration

A beautiful bouquet of daffodils

plastic bottles art beautiful yellow flowers

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