Original Candles Decoration And Lanterns Themselves Make

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candles wrapped with colored yarn decoration

Original candles decoration and DIY lanterns – 17 great craft ideas for the cold season

Stylish candles decoration is very welcome at many festivals and events. Many of you ask yourself already you determines what for the autumn-winter season or can tinker for the advent season. To create an attractive, festive atmosphere at home, you need not necessarily expensive residential and decorative items. With the help of this 17 beautiful DIY you can build quite quickly and easily some lanterns and candle of decorations for yourself and your family. Most craft ideas here are to implement only with natural materials. Use pumpkins, apples, corn on the cob, autumn leaves and natural wood. Get your choice of candles or candle wax to the candle casting pillar candles after.

Above you can already see what for a chic candles decoration you can make from altar candles and coloured yarn. A few real or artificial oak leaves complete the decoration.

Mini pumpkins in various colors and forms a perfect match with grey white pillar candles on a white platter

candles decoration on serving plate honeycomb pattern tablecloth

Lanterns from pumpkins

candles decoration glittering pumpkins

With a little liquid wax and a glitter paint or spray, you can create original lanterns in the blink of an eye. Just above on the pumpkins, medium-sized holes cut out and after the ep4000 attached the wick, you pour the wax. Glitter spray, then decorate the pumpkins from the outside.

Artificial fall leaves and nuts or berries are a good alternative to candles decoration

candles decoration autumnal and colorful with decorative leaves

Conciliator and resourceful it can be hardly

candles decoration candle holders from jars full of lenses

And if it must go quickly, you can decorate the table for dinner with such lanterns made of simple glass full of red lentils.

From small Hokkaido pumpkins, you can build great candles by applying the same principle as in the glittery pumpkins above.

Rustic candles decoration

candles decoration small Hokaido pumpkins

Noble and elegant in white and coral red

candles decoration wreath from China lamps and large glass candle holders

Cinnamon sticks are versatile to use especially when decorating – even in the advent time very popular

candles decorated with cinnamon sticks

Warm fall colors warm your home in the cold season

Candles decoration olive green pillar candle colorful berries

Tastefully long with mini pumpkins, candles, leaves, succulents

candles decoration Orange Minikürbise and spring

Romantic table decorated with delicate roses

candles decoration purple roses and lanterns

With large cones and dark red Nail Polish you can do no wrong

candles decoration red on three wooden candle holders

Wrap the tree bark to an altar candle for a great natural look and bind them with leather cord

candles decoration white pillar candle with birch bark

Corn on the cob in different shades are an original decoration not only for Thanksgiving

candles decorative lantern with corn on the cob and leaves

Insert small scented candles into apples – simply awesome

candles decorative lanterns from apples

Similarly here with mini pumpkins and tealights

candles DIY decorative lanterns from mini pumpkins

Hazelnuts or acorns are decoration for your autumnal candles just perfect

candles decoration candle glass with hazel nuts

As you can see, you can create very original and impressive craft ideas with simple materials and things we find often even unnecessary. So, give free rein to your imagination and creativity and make your festive candles decoration.

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