Original Lamps Themselves Do – 25 Inspiring Craft Ideas

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You’re great lamps themselves? Here are some inspiring examples!

You want to like to tinker a lamp yourself? The temptation is great! The inspiring examples become more and more. They are also always easier in terms of execution and at the same time, they are much more varied than ever before.

We are happy to inform us about the news on the Internet and share then with the results of our research. Look at, what we have found for you this time! You will not regret it, you have to invest time in it!

Lampshade crafts and build an original lamp itself

lamps themselves make DIY lamps flower DIY lamp shade

Lights in the form of plants

Lotus and other plants often serve as source of inspiration for wonderful paper lights the designers. You can actually own make such kind of lamps. The colored versions are becoming more popular.

To make such lamps, use not only paper.

Other materials, and even parts of other, already-used items, are often used.

Origami lamp to the Selberfalten in 10 steps

lamps themselves make DIY lamps paper Lampshade origami lamps

Light bulbs on a long wire

The industrial look has changed the aesthetic perception of many people. What do you think of a light bulb on a longer cable? So an elegant appearance and so a simple design! This solution is really appealing and modern.

Also this version is more and more often in color. This totally changed the impression. It is worth experimenting!

Modern hallway furniture

lamps themselves make DIY lamps lobby furniture ideas

Vintage lighting in modern colours

You love the vintage style and want to achieve yet a modern look? Yes, you can have it both ways! This is light thanks to the vintage running in modern colors. Look a at at our carefully selected examples!

The old lamp shade new gloss look – inside in the trend colour gold

lamps themselves make DIY lamps lamp shade making gold

Colorful lights

We have given several examples of DIY lights in bright colors. However, what do you think of such lamps which may be executed in multiple shades? Is that too colorful? Perhaps not, if you already have at home have same color palette.

Flash color accents

lamps themselves make DIY lamps Wall lamp wood stand cable lamp pink

Have come up with clever ideas

DIY projects lamps themselves make DIY lamps Lighting

Installation of several light bulbs

You can hang one or ten modern jazzed up light bulbs at home. There are many great ways to do this. Such installations are very popular. This is in large part because that is this great figures can be, that wonderful spice up your home!

DIY dining room lamp made of driftwood and 3 simple light bulbs

lamps themselves make DIY lamps dining room light driftwood and bulbs

Decorate existing lamps

Maybe like your lights, let them appear but something individual and unique? Or maybe missing something, what ensures that these lamps ideal enroll in your interior design? It’s so many house owners. Therefore, decorate existing light was becoming more popular in recent years.

A fun idea for your old lamp shade

lamps themselves make DIY lamps ideas DIY lamp shade

Lamp stand from an empty whisky bottle

lamps themselves make DIY lamps lamp stand Jack Daniels bottle

Make DIY lamps with rope itself

We conclude our overview with a recent idea, which strongly gaining popularity lately. These are DIY lamps, which were made of rope. You’re exactly the right decoration for you perhaps for the upcoming summer season, right?

Rope lights are trendy DIY

lamps themselves make DIY lamps knitted rope

DIY ideas in rustic style

lamps themselves make DIY lamps rope lamp stand

A very original pendant luminaire illuminates the corner

lamps themselves make DIY lamps with rope rustic living room facility Pandelleuchte

You can find more inspiring ideas for DIY lamps including…

lamps themselves make lamps inspiring ideaslamps themselves make DIY lamps made of concrete and tubelamps themselves make DIY lamps bedroom Wall lamplamps themselves make DIY lamps floor lamp brass tubeslamps themselves make DIY lamps modern Sconcelamps themselves make DIY lamps knitted cable sleevelamps themselves make DIY lamps lamp shade making crochetedlamps themselves make DIY paper origami lamps lamp world maplamps themselves make DIY lamps sheets of paper chandelierlamps themselves make DIY lamps patch work stylelamps themselves make DIY lamps vintage look lamp stand bookslamps themselves make DIY lamps badminton light chainlamps themselves make DIY lamps of bottles of colored wires

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