Paint Stones: 101 Ideas For A Beautiful DIY Decoration

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Many people love to collect stones during their walks in the woods or at the beach. They bring the stones home and in most cases do not know what to do with them. Simply leaving them around is usually not a very reasonable solution.

You can the Paint stones And make them a part of your interior or exterior decoration. How the project can be implemented step by step is explained in the following lines.

You do not need professional skills

We would like to emphasize in advance that you do not need any specialist knowledge or special skills for the realization of this project. They only need the stones and some knowledge about the simple technique of their painting. These are given in the following lines.

Owls are a very popular motif

Colorful owl original stone painting idea

Colorfully painted stones

Colorful hearts on stones by hand paint

Make the stones clean

You must first clean the stones. Wash them best. No soil or other type of pollution may be left on it. The smooth surface is the most important prerequisite for good results.

Select the appropriate colors

You can paint the stones with oil or acrylic paints. In an emergency one can use nail polish. You can use the translucent nail varnish at least for the top layer.

Achieve positive energy through mandala stones

Flowstone painting ideas mandala painting

Palette for mixing the colors

The stones have a small surface and this sometimes makes painting a lot more difficult. You have to apply many colors to a few squares. Therefore, these must be selected carefully and mixed well. To do this, you need a color palette.

The brushes

The applied brushes also have a great importance for the results. They must neither be too soft nor too hard. You may need some different sizes. Some you need for the background, others for the contours, third for the very small details, etc.

Would you like to paint mandala stones – here You will find a manual for this

Mandalas painting on round stones

Fill out the large areas first!

Many people begin painting the stones with the small details and then fill the larger surfaces. This is usually the wrong approach. We would rather recommend you to reverse.

Also, it is important to allow the background to dry well before you start with the details.

Small figures and final touches

After the background is well dried, you should paint small figures on it and provide them with final touches. The necessary time must not be underestimated. The stones need time to dry, which is usually one day long.

Only then can you go to the details. If your stone painting has several layers, then you must count on a certain time to dry the different layers.

Stones with motifs in black and white

Beautiful mandala motive stones painting

Simple Bastelideen with stones

Geometric pattern stones paint colorful ideas

“It’s raining hearts”

Hearts on stones paint diy deco with colors

Other important tips

Here are some important tips that you should always keep in mind:

  • Do not allow the paint to dry on the brushes.
  • Look at the shape of the stones: they are very different in this respect and you can be inspired to different ideas.
  • You must wash the brush (s) with soap and water when you are done.
  • You do not necessarily have to buy the pallet, but you can use an old plate as your color palette.

Funny ladybirds painting on river stones

Tinkering with children painting little ladybugs on stones
Maria beetle painting idea for children

Ideas for indoor and garden decoration

With painted stones you can put interesting accents in interior or garden design. The possibilities are very many, but the painted stones look particularly beautiful in glass vases or bowls. In addition, you can make small mosaics and thereby spice up the garden paths or the facade walls.

Take a look at all the ideas in our picture gallery and get even more inspiration!

Have fun painting stones and a good success!

Colorful Indian elephant stones painting motives
Baby motive stone painting idea

Tinkering with kids' stones painting and playing

Blue gold painted stones bastelides with colors
Flower cacti motives on stone paint
Colorful colors natural stones painting ideas
Colorful hearts on stones paint malides for children
Colorful bird stone painting motif
Colorful skulls basaltidee stones paint dia de los muertos
Colorful butterflies on stone paint
Dia de los muertos painting colorful stones
Simple idea for children to paint stones
Ethno maori motive stones painted with colors
Owl malidee stone painting idea
Owls paint on river stones colorful colors
Fine motive stones painting ideas with pen
Fish painting stones painting ideas
Fish malide stones painting with children
Gardening owls motive stones painting for the garden decoration
Geometric patterns on stones bastelides
Halloween stones painting baselides with colors
Hand of the fatima motive stone painting idea
Painting heart points on stones
Hearts and flowers on stones paint bastelides with colors
Indian faces on stone paint bastelideen diy
Cacti flowers ladybug on stone paint
Black and white stones painting ideas
Small yellow chicks stones painting ideas
Small hearts on boulders paint
Small cat stone painting ideas
Small bird on boulder paint
Small animals stone painting ideas
Nativity scene christmas decoration basaltide stones painting
Art with stone face painting on boulder
Small motive small birds with umbrella
Dragonfly malidee stone painting motives
Love declaration on stone paint ideas
Funny colorful beetles on stone paint
Funny faces stone painting made easy
Funny reindeer on stone paint crafts
Funny bird colorful paint stones
Funny stones painting handicrafts with children malideen
Painting with children baselide stones painting with acrylic paints
Paint with children's ideas with stones colorful colors
Painting technique with dots heart paint on stones
Mandala painting on stones basaltides with colors
Mandalas stones painting ideas ethnomotive
Mandala stones painted with dots and oil colors
Maritime motif small houses sea
Maritime motif stone painting feather dream
Maritime sign stones painting ideas summer
Sea panorama stone painting idea with full moon
Monster stone painting with eyes
Muppet show stones painting ideas for children
Nemo fish stones painting ideas
Fruit vegetable stones paint malide
Organic pattern stones painting ideas
Easter crafts with stones and colors
Plant leaves on stone
Penguin family on stone paint
Princes toadstones painting baselides
Paint points for painting stones
Dots painting technique on round stones
Turtle painting tinkering with boulders
Butterfly stones painting made easy
Silhouette motivational musician stones painting idea
Summer flowers paint stones painting ideas bastelides with colors
Stone painting baselideen tree with dots paint
Stones painting idea colorful colors
Stone painting igel motif beautiful
Stone painting with dots and colors
Stone painting round sheep motif
Stones painting butterflies birds owls
Stone painting and lettering with colorful colors
Stones decorate with colors malicious mushrooms turtle leaves
Superheros stone painting motif batman spiderman hulk
Cute cats on stone painting artidee
Cute animals on stones paint owls hedgehog penguins
Animals painting on stone bastelides for children
Doorstopper idea stone painting mandala template blue and gold
Birds with flower and heart on stone paint
Forest mushrooms on stone paint with blue dots
Christmas motives stone painting idea crib
Delicate flower stones painting idea

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