Raised Bed Made Of Europaletten

Would you like to build a raised bed made of Europaletten in your garden for the coming summer? We have a step by step guide for you to be able to build a simple raised bed of pallets by hand. As you may already know, a raised bed offers some advantages compared to a normal vegetable bed. In this article, we show you how easy it is to build the raised bed and the advantages of pallet furniture. You do not know about the different layers of earth in a birthing bed? Here you can come to our DIY Instructions for DIY – Raised bed of Europaletten

Pallet raised bed – What advantages does it offer?

The summer is as good as before the door and your plan, this year a Hochbeet want to put, was repeatedly postponed, so that you almost need a fast last minute solution for your project? No problem. Our raised bed made of pallets is really fast and easy to implement. But what are the advantages of a raised bed made of Europaletten compared to an ordinary vegetable bed?

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Actually, the answer is crystal clear. Anyone who has ever suffered from back problems, or who has been pregnant, knows how much gardening can be done in the evening and can make life difficult after work has been done. With the bed of pallets you do not have to go to your knees and can concentrate in a healthy physical body completely relaxed on your plants.

They can not be moldy, are extremely sturdy, can be cut to size and have not been subjected to chemical treatment, at least not the pallets which were produced from 2010 and marked with the HT stamp ,

In addition, the light wood of the pallet furniture in your garden looks natural. And now come! In addition to the actual area of ​​your raised bed, you also have 24 additional compartments in which you can grow garden herbs, vegetables and plants.

Elevate yourself build materials and guidance

We have used the dimensions of standard pallets (120 x 80). In the same dimensions, we have obtained a large chipboard, which serves as the floor of the attachment frame for the raised bed and fastened with screws all around. If you like to fill your raised bed like a bodentief, you leave the ground simply away and uses the attachment frame as a connection piece of all Europaletten.

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If the floor is firmly seated, you can drill holes into the ground with a battery drill so that the water can flow off later. Place two pallets together at a 90 ° angle to one another and secure the attachment frame just as flush with the Europaletten. You do the same with the third pallet on the other side. Once again, we have placed a beam underneath the attachment frame to support the floor panel to give it an extra support. Sit everything, you can also already the fourth pallet. The side compartments of course also have narrow floor plates, which you saw with a jigsaw and reattach them with screws.

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Next you attach the weed fleece with a staple. And then you can fill your high bed with the appropriate layers. For the bed of Europaletten we have used a total of four layers. For the first layer, you need branches, twigs and shrubs, the second layer was mother earth, the third layer compost, and flower earth mixed and for the uppermost and thus last layer we used raised bed soil. You can apply the same layers according to the same principle, depending on what you want to put into your side compartments. If you are through it, you can plant your own high bed according to your taste. Finished!

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