Self-careers – we show you how to make shaving foam yourself

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Shaving foam yourself make learning – better later than never

For thousands of years people have been cultivating the traditional production of organic cosmetics from aromatic oils. Essential and essential oils Offer an alternative way of producing gentle products without risking to arouse latent allergies in the body or the mind. Many natural cosmetics products appeal to the female public, but men too have the need to look after themselves with healthy means. And even though health food stores and reform houses offer enough brands to care for the man, we now want to concentrate on the sensitive theme of shaving and how MANN can mix their own cosmetics.

There are many reasons to say that you should make your shaving cream yourself

Shaving cream itself make ingredients at the beginning

Many men suffer from problematic and very delicate facial skin and are badly tolerated by conventional facial care products that can be bought in the store. For this reason we now offer a healthy recipe, which can be prepared by hand alone and from home.

Sensitive skin?

Then rather make the shaving foam itself

Shaving cream itself can be shaved

How to make shaving foam yourself, the question is, what we want to find an answer now! Men who have problematic skin would rather suffer rather than take something in their own hands. But perhaps there are women who like to prepare a delicate and nourishing shaving cream for their man, who is suffering from skin irritation. The pure skin reveals a lot about human health, so it is worth taking care of the good oils.

From essential and basic oils you can prepare healthy and gentle products yourself

Shaving foam yourself

For the homemade shaving foam you need:

-2/3 cup Organic coconut oil (Which nourishes and soothes dry and irritated skin)

-2/3 cup Organic organic shea butter

-2 tbsp olives or Grape seed oil (Good quality is desired)

-2 TBSP Liquid olive oil soap

-10-20 drops lavender -or Incense oil (Essential oils are expensive! Never buy them without a good taste.

If you have all the ingredients and equipment ready, we can begin the implementation

Shaving cream itself make ingredients

The healthy properties of coconut oil are a highly coveted topic in recent years

Shaving cream itself make coconut oil

Shea butter provides the skin with vitamin E, which makes it smooth and supple

Shaving foam

Any liquid (prefer to buy in the pharmacy or the reform house) soap with olive oil can take you for this recipe

Shaving cream make liquid soap

Incense acts soothing and antibacterial and rightly bears the name”Queen of Oils”

Shaving cream self-made whitening oil

In addition to rose oil, you can use lavender courageously in your home cosmetics

Shaving cream self-made lime oil organic

Grape seed oil is a great enemy of the facial folds and can be used perfectly as massage oil

Shaving cream itself make traubenkernoel

To implement:

Take a small cooking pot and melt the coconut oil and the shea butter in the water bath on a small flame with constant stirring. Add the olive or grape seed oil and continue stirring until you get a homogeneous mass. Then remove the pot from the stove and refill the mixture into a medium-sized dish. The next step is to do the mixture in the refrigerator until that is hard and firm.

Take the fragrance and the consistency of the natural products intensively and start with the water bath

Shaving foam

Bring the coconut oil and the shea butter to the flame on a small flame and also in a water bath

Shaving foam melt

Remove from the oven, place in the refrigerator, and when the mixture has hardened, stir for 3-5 minutes with a whisk or hand mixer

Shaving cream

After a while, remove the dish from the refrigerator and stir by hand or with a hand mixer, the ingredients again about 3-5 minutes foamy together.

To this mixture add flavor oils and liquid soap

Shaving cream itself make shaving foam homemade

And continue stirring until you are satisfied with the result

Shaving cream itself make the ingredients process

Then add the liquid soap and the aromatic oils. Stir vigorously until you get a creamy, foamy and aromatic mass! Pour into beautiful containers and keep in a refrigerator.

The mass produced should be homogeneous and frothy

Shaving cream

Natural oils are good and healthy, but have no really long shelf life. And because they are also expensive, we would advise you to always prepare small quantities for yourself and to buy as fresh as possible the new oils.

Source: Dr. Axe

Fill in glasses and keep the cream in the fridge

Shaving foam yourself

Enjoy shaving with your home-made foam and make the difference to the traditional

Shaving cream itself make shaving brushes

Give your skin only the best and learn to love it!

Shaving cream self make title

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