Sew Pillowcases Is An Easy Task. Don’t Believe It?

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So you can easily sew pillowcases

To be able to sew yourself is always useful and it has many advantages for any housewife. You can turn such as old clothes into new. Also you can build many cheap things for your household. Suppose you want to spice up your décor with current colour accents! You can sew some new covers for the existing cushion.

Easy DIY projects that refresh your interior

pillowcases sew knit cover cushion themselves make

Have you stitches still not really something yourself? Are you worried that it would be now may be too late to start? We do not believe that! Sewing is not so difficult! Try to start with something easy. Sew yourself some cushion, which you use to the spice up the interior design!

We assist you with the following tips

pillow covers sewing decoration ideas for do it yourself

First, select colors and motifs!

First, you must decide of course what colors and fabrics you select for the pillow sewing. It can be your favorite shades. Or you can select colors that are typical for this season. So, you contribute that your interior design has a particularly modern.

Would perhaps attach some motives to the pillow? Plant pattern is super up-to-date this spring in all areas of fashion and design.

Women enjoy fabrics in pastel colors

pillowcases sew colored pattern sofa cushions pastels

Abstarkte motifs and accents in pink

geometric pattern of pink DIY Chronicly sew pillowcases

Daring combination of fabric and synthetic leather in gold

pillowcase sew faux leather gold sewing pillows myself

Old or new substances

Use old fabric for your pillow. Old T-Shirts can be as wonderfully transformed into pillow cases. It is important that you decide more often for natural substances. So the cushion content is better ventilated and that is good for your health. Allergies can be avoided by the use of natural materials.

Patchwork cushions are a clever DIY idea. Combine colored residue

pillowcase sew colorful geometric pattern cushion themselves make

Good measure the proportions

Next, you must measure the size of cushions exactly. Accordingly, you need the right amount of fabric to sew the pillowcases.

Internal and external reference

The pillows have an inner and an outer cover. The Interior is of course invisible. That’s why you can use old and even used substances.

For detailed steps on the Internet

The pictures and tips in this article were used, sew to the pillow case to encourage. Even the pillow sewing is actually not so complicated. After you have all this basic information in the header, you can go over to the practical process.

Best looking for suitable video tutorials on this topic on the Internet. Look at some.

So give a fresh touch your home in the spring

sample Bastellideen cushion themselves sew pillowcases make


It may be that not everything from the very first moment works perfectly. For this reason, you should have one or two pillows on which you experiment. It is important that you have patience! Prepare, that you need to learn maybe a little before you sew a pillow itself successfully.

The effort is worthwhile but! You will be always able, spice up your own design through new and new pillow projects.

Cheerful colours, funny themes and positive messages…

pillowcase sew colored pattern sofa cushions themselves make

Scroll down for more interesting ideas

pillowcase sew colored pattern sofa cushions tinker

Funny sayings to brighten the mood

pillow covers sewing patterns sew cushions yourselfpillowcase sew arrows cushion themselves makesew elephant cushion themselves makeAfrica sew pillow cases cushion themselves makepillowcase sew OWL pattern decoration ideas for do it yourselfpillowcase sew gradient ombre effect cushion themselves makepillowcase sew geometric pattern leatherpillowcases sew geometric pattern cushion trianglespillowcase sew geometric pattern cushion themselves makepillowcase sew geometric pattern with Pmponspillowcase sew geometric pattern Soffakissenpillowcase sew black geometric pattern white DIY Chroniclypillowcase sew black geometric pattern cushion whitepillowcase sew fun patterns make sofa cushion himselfpillowcase sew gold accents cushion themselves makepillowcase sew heart bag cushion themselves makepillowcase sew creative Bastellideen cushion themselves makepillowcase sew colorful patterns sew sofa cushion pillowsew pillowcases with positive slogans cushion themselves makepillow covers sewing with print pillows myself sewpillowcase sew jeans fabric cushion themselves make

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