Smartphone Projector Using A Shoebox Tinker? Thats How It Works!

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Have you ever imagined that from a shoe box a smartphone projector can be? If not, we would like to introduce you to the project, which creates a perfect cinema atmosphere in your own apartment.

For the project, you do not need more than 15 minutes to complete the material and tool list. The guide is usually very simple and the end result ensures a great experience. The project is very cheap, because in a few steps have their own home cinema.

Material and tool list

  • shoebox
  • Black color
  • magnifying glass
  • box cutters
  • Hot glue gun or second adhesive
  • Carton for holding the mobile phone

Step 1: For the project you need a shoe box including a lid, because the carton plays one of the most important roles in project realization.

Mobile phone projector

Step 2: Black paint or spray paint is needed in any case. The reason for this is that the shoe box has to be darkened on the inside, as this results in a high light sensitivity, which makes an attractive color reproduction possible. So spread the complete carton so that no light can pass through.

The black color allows a good picture


Step 3: The material list also includes a magnifying glass, which must be separated from the handle. Be very careful when cutting or removing the handle.

Avoid injuries during the project

Projectors themselves

Step 4: On the carton you have to mark a hole for the magnifying glass and as a template you can easily use the magnifying glass. With a carton knife you carefully cut the hole and so your smartphone has a clear view through. Then try to find out if the magnifying glass fits exactly into the cut hole and fix the glass with a hot glue gun. If you do not have one, then you can also fix the construction using a second adhesive.

Use the magnifying glass as a template

Lupe as a template

Hole for the lupe

Position the magnifying glass

Lupe position home cinema

Step 5: The next step is to create a holder for your smartphone that fits into the shoe box. Here you have free choice for the materials of the posture, such as cardboard or plastic. The holder should be straight, but also not firmly fixed to the shoe box, because the mobile phone does not necessarily have to be positioned in the middle.

The fixed design of the bracket is particularly important

For smartphone project

Step 6: The final step of the project is the setting of the mobile phone. For this you have to adjust the brightness to 100% and the mobile phone then set up the wrong way, because the lens projects the videos also wrongly around the wall. Close the lid of the cardboard and enjoy your favorite movies.

Brightness should be set to maximum

Light to 100%

With a flexible holder you can show movies better

Mobile phone in carton position

So the end result should look

Projektor beamer

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