So Drill Precisely And Eco-friendly

Who would have thought that all people when drilling also the necessary dose to use of sensitivity would be? Yes, in this seemingly easy home work activity it is quite important to comply with certain conditions. Not only the texture of the drilling surface plays an important role, but also the material itself as well as the drilling angle and the speed for example. So you must arm itself so with some clever tips from professionals and of course, especially with the right drill. Are quiet this power tool as one of the most important ever, when it comes to setting up. He is our indispensable helper when hanging pictures and wall decorations or for attaching bookcases or shelves. A drill should be so reliable and efficient. Such as the drill Skil 6221. Already, he has managed to convince many passionate DIY and professionals. In addition to perfect performance he has other important criteria such as ergonomics, environmental protection and flexibility.

drill skil drill energy line concept

Just a quick look at the main features of the unit gives you a remarkable impression. The precision comes in the first place. And this is achieved through the special function VariTorque 20 + 1, which makes the drill. With his mechanical two-speed gearbox, Skil 6221 also ensures versatility – there are too thick or too long screws more, even for little experienced no problem at all. The two incorporating the latest technology and 10-mm Keyless chuck offers you a slight change of the accessories and the speed contributes to a safe tool Guide. Stay very flexible and agile when working with this drill/driver from Skil, because he has a six-meter-long cable, which ensures optimal operating range is.

drill drill skil energy line concept home works

Eco-friendliness is here also quite highly in the course. The 6221 model belongs to the Energy Line Concept. All Skil power tools, which are made of the energy line, are sustainably designed, are unlimited operational and waive any batteries. Since you no longer needed to take care of the annoying loading time.

The SKIL drill puts it even one – with its soft grip and ergonomic grip size for optimal comfort and maximum ergonomics. He is also very compact and weighs only 1.2 kg.

SKIL 6221 you are just perfect and a few expert Know-How tips to help you meet determines every possible drilling project also all alone.

Fun and a good luck!

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