SOAP Recipe For An Antibacterial DIY Your Own Make – Gel

Posted on Sep 02, 2014

yourself doing DIY SOAP projects

Antibacterial DIY gel

Many of us want to have better hygiene in the summer at home or bring them to a newer level. Why don’t you sit on the products you have at home? There are great many DIY ideas for cleaning products with such.

How can you make SOAP themselves

SOAP yourself doing DIY projects antibacterial gel recipes

Today we want to you a light DIY introduce recipe, which you all can apply at home.


-70 ml of ethanol

-20 ml Witch Hazel water

-A few drops of Glycerin, dissolved in water

-Decide for one of the appropriate oils with antibacterial Wikung: Lavender, Rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, clove and tea tree oil

-Whatever you decide to welchge version, should you just drop to the 100 ml

projects Antbakterielle liquid soap SOAP yourself doing DIY

Preparation of the DIY gels

Mix all the ingredients. Store the gel in a blender. Stir well, until you get a homogeneous mixture. The best you should keep it in a dark place
Before you install this, you should carefully shake the whole
Pour a generous amount on your hands and rub to the 30 seconds. Especially carefully edit the tips of your fingers and the nails it.

yourself making SOAP antibacterial gel

Storage of the DIY gels:

The best you should keep this gel in a fresh and dry place. So, you can avoid the fermentation of alcohol. This gel in this manner can be used up to one year after production.

SOAP recipes themselves make antibacterial gel hands washing

When should I use this DIY gel

More often in the winter than in the summer, it is necessary. In cold weather, bacteria spread much more difficult. You can protect however is all seasons before that, to get a disease. If there are many people around you, who suffer from a virus disease, you should clean your hands often thus.

SOAP recipes themselves make antibacterial gel

If you are yourself sick and coughing, you should become clean hands also each time thereafter. So would bring the health of other people in danger.

Clearly, every time you come up with a dirty surface in contact, you should also use this gel. Teach it to your children. None of them should use it too often, and without the need for.

SOAP yourself make antibacterial soap hands washing

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