Split air-conditioning system or how its outdoor part can be integrated into the garden

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Practical tips and DIY ideas

Spring is coming again, the plant world is gradually blossoming and invites you to an exquisite dinner with family and friends in the fresh air in the relaxing atmosphere of your green garden. If you are organizing a BBQ party or simply playing with the children outdoors, you stare at the ugly outdoor part of your air conditioning system and often think about how to integrate it into your outdoor area? Or maybe you are already so used that you simply overlook it? Although the outdoor unit of a split air conditioner provides for your indoor comfort, its unattractive design does not suit the creative garden design, does it? Do not worry! We have collected a few clever ideas for you and would like to tell you briefly in the following lines how this unaesthetic outfit can be quickly and originally concealed!

  • Use wooden grids as a screen protector! This process is gaining in importance, as this material is user-friendly, stylish and practical at the same time. The small holes ensure the free way of the hot air and thus prevent its accumulation in the tight space. If the free flow of air to the device is hindered in some way, this leads to overheating of the entire air conditioning system and causes serious technical problems.

Decorate with modern wooden tops or green plants for an amazing effect!

Thanks to its original design, the air conditioning system can be easily hidden

A hut for the air conditioning

The outdoor unit of the split air conditioning system impresses with its new and modern look

Holzgitter as air conditioning

Hardly to believe, but behind the wooden grille are two outdoor climate devices

Air conditioning

Just brush the hut The split air conditioning system, so this fits perfectly to your outer facade

New trends for your apartment

How to hide the outside of the split air conditioning system

For your home

Residential ideals and new trends

  • Groves, flowers or a colorful vertical garden would be another possibility for a unique fencing of the outdoor climate device. However, select only robust and resistant plants so that they do not wither with the influence of the hot air. Remember to leave enough space between the plants and the electrical installation! Here Discover another interesting idea for the optical shielding of your air conditioning system by planting!

Split air conditioning – Is there actually a device here?

The air conditioning simply behind the vertical garden

Garden design and air conditioning

Turn the outdoor unit of your split air conditioner into an absolute eyecatcher!


  • Get some old pallets, paint them in a suitable color and decorate with solar lights and hanging plants. Waste bin can be hidden behind such a fencing as well!

Put this sly idea into action!

Paletten diy air conditioning

Split air conditioning creative hiding

  • If you do not have time for DIY projects, then you can take advantage of the rich palette of masterfully crafted garden partitions made of environmentally friendly materials. These are available in a varied selection and convince above all by the classic design and the fair price!

Perhaps you have thought about putting a flowered spot in your garden?

The laser-cut Corten steel Inspired by interesting ornaments…

Protection for the air-conditioning system

… and can perfectly hide the outdoor air conditioner

New and creative ideas for split air conditioning

Make the best decision and fully enjoy the result!

Split air conditioning hiding in the garden

Split air conditioning clever

Simply hide the air conditioning

  • This marvelous mosaic attracts all eyes thanks to the sparkling effect produced here! Broken dishes, mirrors or simply different color glasses are no longer part of the waste bin! Instead of throwing it away, they quickly and effortlessly transform the material, which at first sight can be rendered useless, into a unique material Hiding place For the outdoor air conditioner. Note: the mortar should have sealed the surface so that this self-made piece of art does not disintegrate into its individual parts.

By masaik the split air conditioning hiding

  • If you like the Asian design, just use a bamboo fence. You could even try to grow and grow your own bamboo plant, but this requires much more time and patience.
  • Use bird houses for a double effect – on the other hand these are an extraordinary sight, on the other hand they attract doves, swallows or sparrows into your garden. The bird chirping sounds then in your inner courtyard day and night!

Bamboo is environmentally friendly and fits perfectly to the surrounding green spaces

Bamboo protection for air conditioning

Split air conditioning

Do you already hear the birds chirping?

Bird house as a hiding place for the air conditioning

Bird fence in the garden

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