Sweet DIY decoration – decorate Easter decorations with buttons

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Easter baskets, made easy: the instructions

In the weeks before Easter, small and big children are excited about the Easter bunny. Where will Master Lampe probably this year hide the colorful eggs? A small basket is ideal for collecting the chocolate figures and boiled eggs. In addition to numerous DIY decoration For Easter, it is guaranteed to be fun to make an Easter basket!


For this sweet Easter basket you need lots of buttons in the most diverse colors. Your children can help you, of course! The little ones are happy to determine the colors of their little baskets and eagerly look for their favorite buttons.


I wanted to keep my Easter baskets in muted colors, so the colorful Easter eggs would later become more effective. The first thing I wanted to do was to make knobs and pick a nice loop. To the green loop with the cute floral pattern fit buttons in red, white, blue and green.

I wanted to turn a little overcap of rattan into a basket, which I then decorated with many colorful buttons, for which I attached first a handle on the overhead.


For the handle of the basket I cut a narrow branch of one Hibiscus bush in our garden , Which matched perfectly with the material of the overcap. I bent the fresh branch and fixed it with the hot-glue gun on the inside of the overcap.


Now I could stick the buttons. I had no particular pattern in my head, but spread the different colored buttons to my taste.


Sticking the buttons really did not last long and I quickly moved on. I took care that the buttons were about the same size and filled up gaps with small buttons.


I left a narrow edge free, which I later decorated with a loop. A button decorated Easter basket like this is a great craft project for the whole family.


When I had completely covered the over-head with buttons, I devoted myself to the loop. With the heat glue gun I fixed the beginning of the loop in the middle of the basket and wrapped the tape once around the overhead.


The end of the tape I stuck over the beginning of the loop. Next I tied a pretty bow and fixed it with a polka dot glue on the basket.


I also wanted to decorate the handle of the Easter basket with the same bow. I fixed the beginning of the loop with some glue and wrapped the ribbon around the handle.


Faster than thought I finished with my Easter basket! The sweet cup has just the right size for the hands of a small Easter egg collector and is stable enough to be filled with chocolate bunnies and boiled eggs. If you have some buttons left, you can also a Easter tree with buttons Tinker! Have fun!

Author: Susi von Diydecoids

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