The Photo Calendar – The Creative Gift Par Excellence

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The recordings are the be-all and end-all of every photo gift. So much should be – taken just in the age of digital cameras regardless of whether the professional camera or Smartphone.

The five best creative tips for photo gifts

Individual gifts arrive always best, knows that virtually every child, because what tinkering the children in the kindergarten, is every parent’s heart and even Grandma’s and Grandpa’s enthralled are regularly by loving tinkering. But the kindergarten period is over, it is all the more difficult to be creative, and thus even to inspire – without this childish. Photo gifts are the best idea to give individual delight long not short trend more, but in the meantime. So that there will be creative and beautiful, there is the top five creative tips for photo calendars.

1 photo calendar

Photo calendar vs. photo book – when what gift is right?

Photo gifts are always a big hit. But who remember to create a photo gift, which not infrequently is before the election, whether for now a photo calendar or photo book is the perfect gift.

The following table shows when which variant is ideal.

In these cases, a photo calendar is a good gift idea…
In these cases, a photo book is a great gift…
A calendar is a great gift for Christmas or if the recipient in the months of November or December birthday. At other times, a photo calendar is usually inappropriate, because the calendar was already filled with private appointments and these are hardly written to. Exception: Some calendar (special students) begin in September and depict then usually a school year.
A photo book can be given to wedding, birthday, anniversary and Christmas. However, it must be clear that a photo book and content more effort means, because while a photo calendar, changed should result in a content and graphical thread running through the book, probably already a function of in advance must be graphically.

Because content and graphics in a photo book individually have to be set, the photo book in focus should be the following – which can also be upgraded with these creative tips.

Various formats are available

2 photo calendar

Photo calendar is there now in all different sizes and variants. Functional calendars later is decisive for the size.

Admittedly, right at the beginning of the do-it-yourself calendar trends there was only one size. This has changed by now long, because different formats very different designs and can be will to send gift photo calendar for the new year. Photographer book – see – including informed photo calendar, beginning with a handy A5 format and ranging to the photo calendars in A2 format.

Tip: Who stands before the election of the calendar format, should bear in mind where you want to hang the calendar later. He is the successor of the great art calendar at Grandma’s wall, then will it be quiet an A2 format. Should it instead rather be the practical variant with large calendar that hangs in the kitchen and serves as family Planner, the format should be chosen that fits there, where the calendar has been placed since then.

photo calendar photo camera photos shoot gift idea diy

A visual memory of the birthday kids

Who has the idea to make a photo calendar, white usually quite exactly which photos that should be seen. Often, there are vacation pictures or family photos – so in to looking really beautiful pictures, which put a smile on the lips the owner of the calendar, track but no deeper meaning.

Tip: If the photo calendar is created in a way that, for example, instead of bearing the image a picture collage is placed that shows all of the corresponding month birthday, makes photo calendar equal to double sense: he is the pictorial reminder of all the employees in the relevant month and shows the pictures of the loved ones at the same time.

fotokaleder gift ideas themselves take photographs

Portrait is true wisdom

To place a photo of the grandchild is nice. However, it is smart when still a nice saying, a better idea or a request coming from the heart is placed next to the portrait image.

Tip: Who knows the favorite author of photo calendar owner, can use also quotes of that correspond to the photo calendar to embellish. Thus arises a unique variant of wisdom calendar, which stand directly next to loved ones.

Combine photo calendar and hobby

Who is a passionate hobby-gardeners, like watching formula 1, or has a different hobby, which pleased certainly if even the hobby in the photo calendar picked up along with photographs of loved ones and this is possible in very many ways.

Tip: For the formula 1 fan, it is a helpful service to incorporate service block in the photo calendar the racing dates into a small and the hobby gardener glad certainly integrated in the photo calendar to find a small garden calendar reminder. So, the photo calendar is individualized equal in two different ways: once with the private photos, and secondly by the hobby notes.

Gift times two: the voucher photo calendar

Figure 3 Fotokaleder

See this image, for example, a voucher for a dinner in the district could be family.

To get a photo calendar, welcomes everyone certainly. However, if in the photo calendars still more surprises are hidden, then the gift pleasure means two high. Depending on who makes the photo calendar and gives, various coupons in it can be – placed and in addition bring a joy the donee.

Tip: Vouchers must cost not much money. When the siblings together give the parents a voucher photo calendar, the vouchers must be not that expensive, but thought through. Parents are happy about the offer of children, particularly unloved work in the household. Also, the older sibling can bring a Babysitting gift certificate, so that the parents can even enjoy their togetherness.

And after children remain always children no matter how old they are, they have the ability to make technically gift later. Here, the invitation for breakfast, in the café or on a family trip can be a nice option to continue the kinship in the lives of adults.

Figure 1: © PublicDomainPictures (CC0 public domain)

Figure 2: © dnfcnlsrn0 (CC0 public domain)

Figure 3: © condesign (CC0 public domain)

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