The Renaissance Of The Board Game – Ideas For Your Own Board Game Creations

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Optimum pleasure with the appropriate board game

The international world play day is celebrated each year on the 28th of May. This day was launched by the International Toy Library Association in life, committed all over the world for the right on free play.

Already in childhood play takes on an important function for the mental and physical development of a people. Not only for children, very popular, but also in adults, are board games. They are used not only to play, but are used as a decorative element for the apartment. Even made board games that look very beautiful not only in their own home, but can be used also as individual gift are very original.

Including wood, metal, aluminum or plastic sheets suitable for the Board. They are decorated with a slide or other decorations. The puppets can be made of paper, papier-mâché, stones and other materials. Here, too, there are several ways of the design of individual characters. What board games make quite simply even himself? Here are some ideas and tips to make up.

A stone board game

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The selection of the Board game

Who even wants to make a board game, should first of all about worrying, what game is eligible and to what extent the individual elements can be implemented. Very easy and quickly realize can be such as Backgammon; Halwa; Man, don’t get angry. Mill or monopoly. The puppets should be designed allow shove up well back and forth. When choosing the material for the Board, it is important that the surface is flat. Is required a cube, then this can be made for example with a special clay. Also, there are unprocessed cube made of wood, glass, metal or stone, which can be decorated due to the Board and the players. Owner of a hand grinding device can then refine the material with decorative lines and other embellishments. Original chess pieces can inter alia be be produced of screws, nuts and bolts.

The choice of colours

According to the Internet site , each colour has a specific effect on the psyche of the people. Colors can affect even the dynamics of the game and the mood of the players with positive effect. The Board game is used only as a decorative element in the apartment, then color influenced the atmosphere of the room. Depending on the mood in a room or in a game to be generated, the colors can be selected. The effect is very different here. A very stimulating color is red. It affects not only the immune system and metabolism, but get the attention of the Viewer. But too much red is not recommended because it can cause a sense of aggressiveness and restlessness. The color orange is very mood enhancer. It provides a very open-minded and pleasant climate. A very happy color that should affect even the reason and logical thinking is also yellow. Yellow promotes concentration and creativity. If you are looking for a harmonious looking color, should vote green. Blue exudes calm and stimulates the mind. White, black and gray can be combined with all the colors. For more information about the colors and their effect on the psyche describes the portal

The blue toll for rebus

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Lover of Board games that like to go to in candle light or dimmed light their favorite leisure activity, should when the choice of colors for the game figures out that these clearly differentiate themselves. The colors are too similar or too dark, there can be confusion quickly.

Design options for a board game and its characters

In the selection of craft materials, anyone can let his imagination run wild, and various craft techniques, for example pyrography, foil stamping, modeling, or scraping. Depending on the type of material, the game board, the puppets and the cube with a glaze or a paint color can be coated or covered with a special layer of plastic.

Natural materials such as wood or stone see also completely untreated very beautiful out. So the figures comfortable feel in the hand, dirt, splinters or other distracting elements with some Emery paper or a damp cloth should be removed. Leaves, flowers, sand or small stones applied with an adhesive spray to the individual components of the game. So that the pasted material is protected from scratches or other damage, a varnish should be applied in the port.

Edges and corners of the glass pieces are rounded before further processing. This protects against any cuts. Who’d like to play it safe, is rounded glass nuggets in various colors and designs in the craft supplies.

Rhinestones, pearls or beads, with which the individual characters, the dice or the Board decorate leave are also very decorative. In diameter are the rhinestones according to provider YOW! between two and 4.7 mm in size. You are also a hot adhesive. The glitter elements are suitable for the finishing of fabrics with which for example the game board can be covered. There are also pearls and beads in different shapes and sizes. They are provided with holes for the part of a thread, thread them to. The parts must so be applied individually on the game board or the players.

Pasting of the game board and the individual figures with pulp is also very popular. The so-called napkin technique, a special glue must be applied depending on the nature of the ground of. Once the pulp with the substrate was glued, the napkin with adhesive is sealed.

The simplest form of the refinement of the Board and the players is using a color glitter spray or templates. Prior to processing must be that not all materials for this type of processing are suitable and already painted surfaces prior to processing must be sanded down or treated with a special primer sure however.

Fun for young and old

Board Games promote the sense of community and at the same time positively affect the mental and physical development of each player. According to taste, different materials in different colors and shapes can be used for crafting and decorating a board game, a cube, and the individual characters.

Glass Pearl nuggets in different colors

board game Pixabay com DevilsApricot

Even made board games are special gifts for special occasions, such as for a wedding, a housewarming or a company anniversary. Situated on a small side table or in a display case, a self created Board game as smoothing can enrich the space.

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