The Variety Of Plant Stands – From Our Upcycling Series Of Ideas

Posted on Apr 18, 2018

It may seem strange to you to make a theme out of the inconspicuous plant stand in terms of exterior or interior decoration. However, even though they are completely improvised, plant stands can have a major impact on the overall design. One should know, however, that a flower stand is much better, if you use it as such. What does that mean? This means that a plant stand can have virtually no effect without the associated plants. If you have already exposed your plants, you can use the actual balcony Garden or terrace design begin. You have no or too few plants? Well then go! Drive quickly to the Garden Center and let your eyes see the best flowers and plants choose.

Plant stands can be aesthetically pleasing, nostalgic and above all very useful

Plant stand upcycling ideas kloschüssel paletten 50er

It’s really funny when you start to shape

Plant stand upcycling cool

Rustic and robust considerations for yard, balcony or garden

Plant stand upcycling ideas loo rustic

Plant stand in the modern interior design

Many of us may call the flower stand something old-fashioned and even totally forgotten, and we would even fully agree with this person. But if you look at the stand as a pure function and imagine what you can conjure up in terms of design, opinions quickly change. The task of a flower stand is as a support for Flowerpots with herbs or to serve flowers. The important and perhaps the only special feature of a plant stand is to vary with heavy flower pots and blooming splendor. Then you can arrange his plants cascade, sometimes step by step. Corner shelves can also be used as a flower stand and the green houseplants sometimes as a design element. Exceptional and cheap plant stands can be easily obtained at the flea market. But if you can not find a single plant stand to your liking, do not worry about it and let yourself be inspired by our pictures.

Steps, stairs, shelves – do not judge too fast if something looks old-fashioned at first glance

Plant stand upcycling ideas bulky waste

Contrasts can be quite exciting

Plant stand upcycling ideas kloschüssel paletten 80er

Even more upcycling ideas that even replace the plant stand

We would almost say that plant stand is a collective term for everything that can be used as a”kick”for your plants. If you want to design with real plants, you need depths and heights, which of course are not present in the flat space. You can decide for yourself how exactly you want to classify your plants, but one thing to keep in mind: The flowerpots are heavy, the soil in them too. And when you pour your flowers, the weight increases all the more. Use solid for this reason Materials like metal or wood so that there are no nasty surprises.

Window frames, doors or old fences can perfectly complement your garden design

Plant stand upcycling ideas old door old window

The dark corners are often overlooked or simply undervalued

Plant stand upcycling corner

Even if you consider the flower stand to be less attractive, you can always use a trend color to paint and decorate certain areas or the whole plant stand. You will be amazed how such an item positively changes your living space. It turns out that you have saved space through him and also your flowers are doing much better.

All natural elements are considered modern

Plant stand upcycling tree trunk

A flower wagon made of brass or cast iron is not only antique, but also very useful in spring

Plant stand upcycling ideas flower carriage

And of course you can use herbs in the kitchen well – they should always be ready for hanging in the kitchen

Plant stand upcycling ideas

Vinyl is discarded badly, but the flower stand made of the good material will never let you down

Plant stand upcycling ideas vinyl

The plant stand may seem boring, but brings a real dynamic into the interior or exterior design

Plant stand upcycling ideas wood

If you can not get a flower stand, this wooden stumps help in different height

Plant stand upcycling ideas oldschool cascading

With a flower stand you save space and the plants are doing better

Plant stand upcycling ideas decorative
Plant stand upcycling ideas modern
Plant stand upcycling ideas corner shelf
Plant stand upcycling ideas of toilet bowl pallets
Plant stand upcycling dare
Plant stand upcycling corner glitter
Plant Stands upcycling strawberries
Plant stand upcycling ideas box
Plant stand upcycling ideas kloschüssel old chairs
Plant stand upcycling ideas kloschüssel pallets flower cart
Plant stand upcycling ideas kloschessel paletten retro
Plant stand upcycling ideas kloschussel old chairs rose
Plant stand upcycling ideas toilet bowl pallets dryer old
Plant stand upcycling ideas lozenge rustic garden ideas iron
Plant stand upcycling ideas loo rustic garden ideas box
Plant stand upcycling ideas loo rustic garden ideas shelf
Plant stand upcycling ideas kloschüssel
Plant stand upcycling metal
Plant stand upcycling ideas oldschool
Plant Stands upcycling ideas for hanging up

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