The Well-being Oasis For Your Cat – Build Scratching Tree Yourself

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The cats are among the most popular pets, because they convince with friendliness and intelligence. Many cat owners choose an attractive scratching tree at home. Building a scratching tree is not an easy task, but a real saving compared to the finished scratching trees in the market. It is particularly important that the cats have enough room, because they are full of energy and like to climb.

The material for the scratching tree is crucial for DIY. For this reason one should choose a suitable branch, which is perfectly suitable for a cat paradise. However, you must first consider how big the trunk has to be. If the scratching is designed for your garden, then you have significantly more choice in the search. For the interior, the construction must not be too large or too massive.

The scratching tree is a real experience for the four-legged friends

Cat scratching tree

List of materials and tools

Before proceeding with the instructions for DIY, we would like to take note of the materials and tools necessary for the project. The main materials are the flash concrete and the platform stencils. The lightning concrete is required for the fixing of the scratching tree and the stencils are important for the exact design of the platforms.

The tool list includes an electric screwdriver, a drill, a stapler and a hammer.

The stable substructure is particularly important

Ideas for scratching

This way you build a scratching tree

The base of the construction must be built very stably, because the level surface plays an important role. For this step of the manual you need a mold, which must be filled with lightning concrete later. During filling you have to be careful not to create cavities, because the scraper tree is often not liked when the wobbles. For this reason, it is important that the foundation is carefully constructed and then fully cured. Only then can we move on to the next step, namely, the design of the different levels.

Design the scratching tree according to your own taste

Scratchy tree

Each scratching tree has the so-called plains, which are suitable for the well-being of the cute pets. In general, these platforms are considered the most important point of the design. Foam padding is perfect and can also be cut very easily because the platforms require a perfect fit. The number of platforms depends on the size of the scratching tree. At least 2 such levels must already be there. On one level you can also design a sleeping cottage or other interesting activities for the four-legged friends. An important point for the platforms is the cautious construction process. The reason for this is that the cats have very fine noses and smell much stronger than humans. Experts are of the opinion that the use of solvent-free and low-odor construction products is recommended for this type of project. The platforms mostly consist of wood, but you can also use other materials that are safe for your four-legged friends. On the platforms a padding is necessary, which serves the well-being of the cats.

The number of platforms depends on the number of cats

Scratchy diy project

Large structure scratching tree
Scratch padding
Scratch-resistant diy
Create scratch tips
Scratchy tree building tips
Scratch tree self build ideas
Modern design scratch tree self build
Build scratching ideas
Four-legged cat scratching
White design scratching tree

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