Tips And Ideas For DIY Kitchen And Tea Towels

Posted on Apr 10, 2018

Every household needs kitchen towels and tea towels. It pays to make something more out of it and spice up the decoration in the kitchen. From kitchen towels to kitchen towels there are big differences. They can be created from cheap or qualitative materials, bought or homemade. There are many different designs that logically inscribe themselves in different places in the interior. In the following, we want to address two issues within this broad and very practical topic. On the one hand, we give you ideas for popular patterns for homemade tea towels. We also tell you some tips for hanging or decorating with them.

DIY tea towels can indeed be very handy

great tea towels inspirational idea

Popular patterns and ideas for tea towels to make yourself

The patterns shown here for tea towels are relatively classic. You have a traditional, you would even say – rural atmosphere. However, the clever choice of colors and the size of the patterns make such kitchen towels wonderfully versatile in interior designs of various kinds.

Probably such patterns are a good choice for most housewives and are also the most popular on the internet. There are also some ideas that are, above all, very practical to craft and are therefore chosen by many people.

Many different fabrics are suitable for DIY kitchen towels

beautiful tea towels idea inspiration

Tea towels in the rural style

The dishcloths and other decorative items in rural style are losing popularity despite the increasingly modern kitchen designs. The enjoyment of the good food and the beautiful decoration connects you again and again with the rural life and nature. Exactly from this one likes to draw patterns for the kitchen cloth design in this style. There are different rural patterns and you should look at all of them to choose the one that suits your tastes and ideas best. The most universal and popular are probably the ideas in the Provence style. These can be represented relatively simply in a stylized form.

Ladybug tea towels – an equally great idea

Ladybug tea towels great

Tea towels as accents

The picking up of the tea towels is an issue in itself. Where and how to hang them up best, so that you can use them most practically, is an important, extensive topic. Tea towels can serve as an accent in the kitchen decoration. DIY projects with a striking background and oversized patterns are usually suitable for this. Especially with these kitchen towels, it is of course very important that they are in harmony with the decoration of your kitchen.

Potholders and tea towel – a wonderful combination

Great green white idea for DIY tea towels

DIY tea towels with many different functions

The tea towels can do more than one function. For example, they can be used as potholders at the same time. A suitable form for this idea can be seen in the picture above! Why do not you combine the tea towel with a kitchen apron? All you have to consider in this case is that the textiles used are suitable for both purposes. These must be able to absorb moisture and dry quickly. In addition, the tea towels should be used so that they do not get dirty too quickly. Only then can it do justice to its main function.

With the tea towel you can also pack products from time to time

Products bind in dishcloths

Environmentally friendly ideas

As in every other area, the accessories for the kitchen are becoming more environmentally friendly. There are many rules that you should follow to make a dishcloth environmentally friendly. For example, You should make a sustainable selection when choosing textiles. Similarly, the materials for decoration should be selected according to this criterion. Finally, one can explain the idea as environmentally friendly, to make a great new tea towel from already available old materials.

So you can practically keep the kitchen towels

beautifully hung tea towels

Keep the tea towels

How do you want to keep your tea towels? Some tea towels can be hung so that they e.g. hide the stowed things on the shelves. Others can be conveniently tied anywhere. Find the best seats for these accessories and then design the rest of your design! Thus, we believe we have communicated to you the most important practical tips and ideas for the use and design of tea towels. And with the help of our examples you get an overview of the popular patterns!

Tea towels are sometimes so classy that you can spice up a dinner

Dinner with pizza decorated with great dish towels

Accent kitchen towels – a very great idea

accent tea towels inspiration

Kitchen towels in bright shades are ideal for modern neutral kitchen designs

spice up the kitchen with dishcloths

With a button, the kitchen towels are very practical for hanging

diy tea towels with buttons
Three different kitchen towels and potholders in one
three yoga figures tea towels patterns

Some kitchen towels illustrations are real works of art

a donkey as a pattern - great idea for tea towels
a clothes hanger with diy dishcloths

Animal Patterns are some of the most popular for kitchen towels

Rural kitchen towels. Idea with owl patterns
peace theme tea towels inspiration
tea towels idea for noble kitchen

Such a classic and noble charisma! You can hardly imagine this kitchen without the cloth!

tea towels with great patterns
tea towels idea black white

Kitchen towel and apron in one? Why not?

tea towels in interesting shapes - inspiration

Funny inscriptions? A great idea!

tea towels inspirational idea

Roosters spread the well-known and popular Provence mood!

awesome kitchen towels inspiration
taps theme tea towels

Another universal tea towel with button!

button idea for tea towels
rural kitchen towels tea towels

Lovely woven patterns embellish the mood at home

lovely design rural kitchen
beautiful figures - tea towels

Finally, two super appealing patterns for fine kitchen towels!

Stylized herbal pattern for tea towels
great made-up towels-resized

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