To Build A Professional Pizza Oven With A Gymnastics Ball!

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The pizza – a favorite dish for millions of people, is eaten almost every day at home, in restaurants or on the workplace, simply because it tastes unique and easy to prepare. This is mainly due to the fact that there are now a lot of different types of pizza that meet every taste. In the meantime, many pizza enthusiasts place great emphasis on the perfect preparation of the Italian dish. This is why our editorial team presents a DIY project, which is a creative alternative to the domestic oven.

According to recent statistics and surveys, almost everyone can now prepare a pizza within 10-20 minutes. Previous knowledge is usually not required, because when baking almost nothing can go wrong. As you know, a household oven can not produce enough heat and the end result does not always meet the high expectations. That’s why you need a special pizza oven, which gives 100% of the heat to the pizza. Accordingly, one can easily build such a furnace itself, although it is much more difficult to art itself.

The end result looks unique

Diy project pizza oven

In contrast to other conventional DIY projects, this is considered time-intensive. In other words, it takes 2 to 3 days to make the construction alone. In general, the project consists of substructure and superstructure, which are finally assembled. The substructure depends on your garden, because the soil should be very stable and even.

Better formulated, you need a solid foundation before you build the substructure. Basically, the foundation consists of gravel and sand or concrete. An alternative to the stone substructure is a wooden base that looks like a table. The only requirement for this is that the surface is stable enough to hold the top construction.

As a substructure you have several possibilities

Pizza oven ready

As soon as you are finished with the base, the most important step of the project is to build the vault of the pizza oven. For this purpose an untypical technique with a gym ball is used. Basically the ball is considered a perfect form for the pizza oven. In the first place you should wrap the ball with foil so that the insulation can not leave bad consequences for the surface of the ball. The combination of cement and vermiculite is very suitable as insulation for the vault because this mixture can withstand extremely high temperatures. When the vault is finished, the next step is to plan the drying time well. Better, the insulation needs to dry out for about 24 hours. The last step is to clean the pizza oven from the inside, because there is often some rubble in it.

After completing the project, you can finally prepare a professional pizza to your taste. Good Appetite!

This is the first step in the project

Pizza oven self build ball

Allow to dry and place on the substructure

Pizza oven self build ball mix

The vault should have a round shape

To build a pizza oven
Project pizza oven self build
Project pizza oven self-build project

Pizza oven detail build your own

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