Tradition Says That The Easter Egg Tree Must Be Brightly Decorated!

The egg tree as a unique Easter decorations

The Easter egg tree is a direct part of the Easter decoration, because it stands as a symbol of the rebirth of nature and thus heralds the beginning of spring. Temperatures rise, environmental wakes up from their deep hibernation, the first flowers bloom, birds chirping, the aroma of spring floats through the air… The Easter egg tree intertwined different emblematic elements of the Osterfests together and gives us a great pleasure. The bigger and colorful Easter egg tree, the more health and successes will also enjoy the corresponding family in future the near.

The largest and most famous Easter egg tree

volker kraft decorated the tree

The richly decorated Apple tree symbolized nature’s splendor

Easter tree as a colorful decoration

Every year thousands of eggs are painted and hung

the Easter egg tree of the world's largest

The most important Easter symbols decorate the egg tree and draw everyone’s attention

colorful eggs on the Apple tree

However, there is an Easter egg tree, whose Ruhm has – spread over the last 50 years around the globe the Saar fields Easter egg tree of the family power and Raj! Each year guests more than 10 000 eggs for the decoration of the great Apple tree in the garden of Christa and Volker Kraft. The tradition began still in 1965 with 18 Easter eggs! First, the daughter of Kraft’s painted the eggs exclusively in gold and silver to create a flamboyant effect. Gradually, she started different complicated painting techniques to apply, by expertly giving back picturesque landscapes and different motifs from the surrounding nature on the eggshells. Not only ausgepustete Easter eggs or plastic eggs, but also fresh, hard boiled eggs, hang on the tree. After Easter, they are either eaten by children or charitable purposes, and are assigned poor people. The artificial eggs be kept in the garage of the Karaja until next year. The tree trailers are pretty valuable jewelry pieces, each characterized by a unique decoration!

The Easter symbols as tree trailer

the Easter Bunny comes

Raze the work – blow out eggs, paint and attach the egg tree beautiful

an elegant osterdeko

Quail eggs in chicken eggs laid

original ideas

In addition to the beautifully decorated Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny and the chicks are more important and emblematic tree pendant. Both apply as a symbol of the rebirth of nature and are harbingers of the revival of the biological Vielfat of the Earth. The opinion is strongly represented that namely the chicken, like in real life, lays eggs in the orthodoxischen Church. In the Catholic Church but it is assumed that the Bunny brings eggs at Easter.

The Easter Bunny conjures up associations with fertility and natural wealth, in addition you linked it in the ancient world mentally with the phases of the moon. According to numerous historical and archaeological sources, eggs still in ancient Egypt, Persia, Rome, China and ancient Greece at the beginning of the spring were painted and given away. This custom symbolized the birth of life on Earth and the annual rebirth of nature in spring.

According to a very common legend, the popular Easter Bunny was originally (from whose name the English name of Easter Eastern was coined) a large beautiful bird of the goddess Eostre. One day she turned her favorite bird but in a rabbit! Because the Easter Bunny feels like a bird, he further builds its nests and then fills it with brightly decorated eggs!

If you want to create a unique Easter egg tree, then just step by step follow the detailed instructions

decorate Easter tree and House decorating

An extraordinary idea that is fun for the kids

for children entertainment

Easter is already upon us! Have you already veziert the Easter egg tree?

If not yet, then you simply draw your inspiration from the next video

Just the egg tree may not be missing at Easter

decorative oserbaum with chicks

Each any plant could turn into your home through the appropriate decoration in a unique Easter egg tree

all are happy about the Easter tree

Tree pendant made from wood are to acquire around Easter in every decoration shop

baumanhenager from wood

A shiny gold egg tree

gold color Easter egg tree

Tree trailers are another way of fabric

Easter egg tree with decoration fabric eggs tree

An original idea for the egg tree – record your Easter wishes and then hang them on the tree, so that she as soon as possible in compliance with

Easter tree with oseterwuenschen

Brightly coloured even tinkered Easter decorations made of clay!

almost as most Christmas decorating to the tree too Easter egg tree

Can you knit?

Easter knit

knitted eggs for the tree

Tree pendant glass give elegance and grace the egg tree

Easter egg tree with tree pendant from glass

The Easter cookies can be used as a decoration

branches are to the Easter tree

Here we discover yet an interesting idea – the Weihnachstbaum quickly turns into a beautiful Easter egg tree

decorating the Christmas tree as an Easter tree

Eggs Cook, peel off the upper part, empty and use as a hut of the Easter Bunny and Chick

a slightly different Easter tree

decode an original

Or simply collect everything you discover in the organic garden and…


…machen you all on your personal and slightly different decor jealous!

carrot bouquet

A sweet egg tree candies – both direct and figuratively!

a unique golden decoration

a tree chocolate


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a colorful Easter tree in the garden egg tree

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children paint and then decorate the Easter tree

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a wood tree at Easter

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Easter eggs blow out paint and tree to hang

What brought the Easter Bunny

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Easter tree and the appropriate creative pendant

haenchen decorating fier the Easter tree

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