Upcycling Clothes – Ideas And Tips For Smart Recycling

Posted on Mar 15, 2018

Our generation is very lucky. We live in peaceful times, in which we can peacefully afford everything possible. It is not a problem (for us) to change the wardrobe after each fashion trend and also to travel to any foreign country that comes to mind. The picture might be perfect if no one were to worry about what might happen to the whole”happiness”, otherwise known as overconsumption. Right, there are bad consequences for our earth, if we do not step on the brakes in time. With this in mind, we decided to write an article about upcycling clothing here at Freshideen today, and to make a creative selection of our existing clothes punctually for spring cleaning.

When it comes to trends, you can not miss the upcycling clothes

Upcycling clothes – make something new from old and improve the world

Once you decide to get creative, you will quickly get excited about many great ideas. One of the ideas we are talking about today is upcycling clothing. Every year and sometimes even more often, we are sorting our clothes and preparing full boxes for the flea market or for the used clothes container.

Some bring their clothes to the Diakonie, but on the whole, each of us tried as sensibly and in the best way, the apparently useless things in the world to lead.

To use old T-shirt sensibly and aesthetically, is fun and makes sense

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle bracelet

The old T-shirt fabric can carry heavy flower pots and is therefore also recommended for making a flower basket

upcycling clothing tshirt recycling preparation

In the following video you will learn step by step how to get crafting material from the t-shirt


On our website we have many smart upcycling ideas already taught and we look forward to enriching your world of ideas again.

Everybody knows the days of mucking and the mountains of T-shirts and socks… You moan and make faces, but still you have to reduce your clothes urgently. The cool ideas, what you can make from old T-shirts, follow and further craft ideas with socks read in the next, exciting article.

So, now you can be creative and very productive

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle material

This is no joke. You can make beautiful carpets from old T-shirts for the summer

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle preparation

Reuse old T-shirts and create beautiful things by hand

Well, now you should only the T-Shirts that you definitely do not wear anymore, but quite happily have put aside. Spring is coming and you can make the t-shirts very reliable and quite individual flower baskets. If you already with the macrame technique With the help of the following instructions, you can turn the old T-shirt into macrame artwork. A properly cut T-shirt can be good material for various creative projects result.

The instructions on how to make a small rug yourself, you will find some pictures

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle preparation carpet

Just scroll on and find out your favorite. Crafts can really be fun, if the results have practical value and continue to inspire the love of home-made. Jewelry, belts or even an extravagant fashion accessory – all this is possible with the old T-shirt!

May the enthusiasm be with you!

You can never have enough of the cloth bags, so you quickly make a new one out of an old T-shirt

upcycling clothing t shirt recycle tote bag

Collar and sleeves should go away and then process the rest as shown in the video

upcycling clothes bags out of t shirt

You can always use a stretchy and well-made fabric bag anytime, anywhere

upcycling clothing t shirt recycle shopping bag step 11

In this way, the fabric bag can even work much easier

The winter is over, but the accessories are worn all year round

upcycling clothes tshirt recycle loop

If you always strive for individuality, you should try to discover something truly unique

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle jewelry

You can easily and quickly make your own T-shirt yarn to conjure something great in any time

Upcycling is fun and good

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle deco tshirt yarn ideas

Of course you can knit with T-shirt yarn as well

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle deco tshirt yarn textile

Unique, original and above all self made – that inspires

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle deco tshirt yarn

Refreshingly new and very springy – work your belt into one of your T-shirts

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle belt

A fabric belt keeps the pants well and does not press on the hips

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle preparation belt

Friendship ribbons and hair ties can be made just as well from old T-shirts

tinker upcycling clothing t-shirt crafts friendship ribbon

Think green and braid a shopping net out of old t-shirt

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle shopping net

Discarding something is easy and fast. On the other hand, recycling something brings good things into the world

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle ideas

upcycling clothing tshirt recycle carpet
upcycling clothes tshirt recycle braid
upcycling clothing tshirt recycle preparation modern
upcycling clothing tshirt recycle shoe
upcycling clothing tshirt recycling preparation summery
upcycling clothing tshirt recycle mug
upcycling clothing tshirt recycle sailor bag
upcycling clothing tshirt recycle summer scarf
upcycling clothing tshirt recycling preparation braids

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