Valentine’s Day Ideas For A Great Party. With A DIY Guide!

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The Valentine’s Day is very happy to celebrate as a couple. That is not the only possibility! In addition, you could organize a thematic party. For singles and not only. Because love has many aspects and all these should be celebrated as much as possible. The following Valentine’s Day ideas are meant for those who want to organize a great celebration for several people. We start with a guide for matching straws and decorative stripes. Followed by other great inspirational pictures!

The hearts can be in different width and color

the finished drinks with the deco - valentines ideas

Valentine’s Day Ideas: Thematic Straws

Thematic straws and decoration can be found in many shops. Why do not you prepare the fun of preparing some yourself? You can achieve particularly individual results. In addition, bring in a great festive mood in the house. They certainly need them for the party, especially when most of the guests are single!

The desired result: Great Strohlame with Heart decoration !

You realize these Valentine’s Day ideas with few materials

even more materials ideas for the valentines day

Here is the partially finished Valentine’s Day decoration and some more materials

materials for hearts made of stripes valentines day ideas

This is how you make your hearts out of colorful stripes!

Cut paper strips that are wide and long enough to make hearts. Our tip: Decide on 13cm in length and 5cm in width. Then fold the strip in a V shape. Glue a thread to the lower ends. Wrap this around the center of the strip so that a heart can emerge.

The crafting of Valentine’s decoration step by step

the different steps in the preparation of valentines day ideas

Attach the crafted decoration to the straws!

Now is the time to put straws on these tinkered hearts. For this you must carefully poke the finished paper decoration. Take a nice and sharpened chopsticks! One hole should be made near the top of the heart and the opposite – more towards the top. Look at the picture above!

Still some ready made straws with hearts for Valentine’s Day

hearts and straws valentines day ideas

Put on the variety!

This simple idea can bring a lot of diversity into your party. Just take different colors and patterns for the stripes and the straws. The garden decoration made in this way is not only suitable for the drinks. You can also decorate many plant pots, vases and even the food! A great decorative centerpiece in the form of heart and many such stripes with similar motifs would be sufficient and perfect for your decoration for the Valentine’s Day Ideas for the party.

Drink with a Valentine’s Day heart

great drink valentines day idea

Stylish decoration for Valentine’s Day with homemade hearts

finished drinks Valentine's Day ideas

Fine drink for the Valentine’s Day party

a great drink - Idea for Valentine's Day

Of course, the garlands are always a great Valentine’s Day idea for parties

decoration with envelopes valentines day ideas
hearts garland valentines day ideas

Prepare equally small Valentine’s Day gifts for all guests!

decoration for valentines day guests gifts

Even so, you can decorate straws for Valentine’s Day!

great deco for straws valentine's day deco

Another example of great guest gifts for Valentine’s Day

great gift idea valentines day ideas

Dinner for several people on Valentine’s Day is also very popular!

valentine's day candles and other deco

What do you think of this Valentine’s Day decoration?

Valentine's ideas wall with balloons

Valentines day ideas can be so simple and so effective!

wax paper valentine's day ideas

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