Wall Design Ideas For A Party, Wedding And Other Festive Events

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The festive occasions happen more often at our home! Instead of expensive restaurants and events places, many people opt for cheaper alternatives. You can invite more guests and make them part of your party. In this context, DIY wall design ideas are especially hip. With few resources, you will customize the simple ambience and make it look stylish. Here are our concrete ideas!

The typical confetti colors are perfect for DIY wall decoration

Zebra and wall design ideas

DIY wall design ideas with confetti

The next few pictures are an idea for DIY wall design with confetti. It can be quite cheap and is practically feasible for everyone. There are some design tips that should be considered. Then it will be individual and demanding. These are wall design ideas especially for parties in the Style of the 80s , certainly also for children’s birthday parties.

Or why not for a party with which you receive spring?

The materials needed for this DIY wall design idea

wall design ideas materials

The colors and the geometric shapes are the accents of this idea

wall design ideas the geometric figures

A confetti-inspired color palette

The main theme here is the confetti-inspired color palette. Shades and combinations of this are always a good choice for wall design ideas for different parties. In this case, we have a lot of pink, blue and yellow, and these with different intensity. In our example, all of these colors are roughly equally represented. Depending on your taste and ambience, however, you can dominate one color or another for an individual effect more than the others.

Invest enough time and concentration in this DIY project!

wall design ideas mix and match

Selection of matching patterns and shapes

With the confetti and other colored wall design ideas you should look for one Sample topic decide. This will weld the idea together and make it look sophisticated. In our example, some geometric shapes are equally represented. Mostly we deal with circles and rectangles.

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This DIY wall design is perfect for a 80s style party

wall design ideas great birthday party

So what you should not forget in a DIY wall design!

Modern homemade wall planning ideas are mostly very simple in concept. A theme – color, pattern, plant – is selected to make it look consistent and individual. This should be adapted to the interior design and theme of the festival. Adhering to these rules, the decoration will certainly look very successful and beautiful. And this at all festivals: In the next pictures you can see examples of possible parties and even weddings. We wish you a lot of fun with your celebration!

This homemade wall decoration would also be suitable for a kids birthday

Idea for the children's party wall design ideas

Stylish wall wallpaper as a party decoration? Why not?

Anniversary and wedding wall design ideas
sheer curtains wall design ideas
Theme forest for a wedding wall design ideas
Wedding ceremony home wall design idea

Homemade wall decoration in industrial style! So easy, so upscale!

Wall design ideas arch from plants
Wall design ideas green inspiration
Wall design ideas weddings DIY
Wall design ideas rustic wedding
Wall design ideas summer flowers

Once again the familiar confetti colors for the wall decoration!

Wall design ideas fabric with confetti
Wall design ideas theme forest
Wall design ideas great garden wedding
Wall design ideas great points on the wall
Wall design ideas gate decor

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