Water Art – The Passionate Dance Of The Colors In The Water

How do you paint to water?

Ever wanted to learn the specific techniques of water art? This is actually a simple and enjoyable process! First, one must solve wallpaper paste in a shallow basin filled with water and applying equal later water colors on the surface. Using a brush to mix the different colors together and puts them through various techniques in interesting and abwechslugsreiche ornamental patterns. Ultimately put a strong sheet of paper on the glue bath, waits a few minutes and then again apart. The colourful appearance remains just on paper! Skill and rich imagination of underlying each unique masterpiece, every picture is characterised by unique and not repeatable shapes and color blends!

The water art from its beginnings until today

flowers tulips

The mixture of bright colors creates a real magic

the magic of colours

Today enjoys the water art of big interest especially in Turkey, however, it has its origins in Turkestan in the 9th century. The name EB-ru is characterized from the Central Asian Turkish Islamic dialect and literally means water surface. The oldest dates back until today preserved on Ebru from 1554; Water painting was quite fine and exquisite art that mastered only by certain highly valued creators left in the Ottoman Empire. At that time, it compressed water with resin from the Eagle wood tree growing in Turkey, Iran and other Asian countries. You made the wooden handle of the brush from a dried-out rose Bush branch, while the sprays used at the upper end consisted of horse hair. In addition, was used even a comb to create the desired effect while painting and dance the colors in the water!

Under the name Turkish paper or even marble paper spread this stunning art gradually throughout Europe until she eventually reached the new world. At the beginning of the gifted painter kept the traditions rooted deeply in the Oriental traditions and could therefore only floral elements in the water caused — especially they combined together as a symbol of your love for the surrounding world and devotion to the religion of tulips and roses.

Water art – only a few selected artists dominated this fine art

a rose waterWater art

Later you could already brave experiment and go beyond the limits of the ordinary – the abstract patterns gradually went over amazingly realistic representations of animals, people and objects; the illustrations of plants reproduced down to the smallest detail graced the pages of the holy books of Islam. In addition, this spectacular technique was used to decorate the necessary for the official correspondence of the Sultan sheets of paper. In the course of time replaced the paper mainly silk, but sometimes sound with other interesting Matelialien, under which!

The philosophy of water art

ebru space

If you just look at the horizon at dawn or sunset, you notice the different Flash nuances of red, yellow and blue color, which give rise to a unique Ebru in the sky right before your eyes on all the cases. Certainly you looked several times late in the evening on the sky bow with sparkling stars and soft clouds. Here, the Moon smiling at has scattered everywhere with his superb brush white, light and dark construction and intertwined. The Ebrumeistern namely succeeded to catch this instant natural beauty, to reflect and to immortalize on paper!

Water art – the amazingly realistic playback of different plant species

Flower bouquet on water

And on einmal…entsteht art out of water!

flower on water

And so the moment is immortalized!

the ebru art

Today, the art of water for adults and children is popular

a man paints

A fun game of shapes and colors

the Turkish water art

Colorful flowers bloom from the impressive dance of colours

How to make a scarf

Simply spread the colors on the surface of the water and give rise to new forms of

How to paint water

Very carefully you must approach to produce fine and detailed forms

How to paint

Ready for take-off?

ebru art

Ebru masterpieces tear into the viewer in a real swirl of sensations and perceptions

paint on water art

The moment in which the brush touches the water surface

how art is created on water

Different abstract shapes draw the viewer captivated

the interweaving of colors

a unique water image

Yellow grey masterpiece water

Flash colors

water paint art

water paint

Water paint on water

And all of a sudden the water takes shape and form

amazing images

amazing art

works meiaterhafte

very nice pictures

van gogh ebru

Water art is impressive

water paint

an amazing water art

Ebru as textile patterns for precious us stylish scarves and dresses

ebru on silk

ebru paint Bowl

ebru rpck

The art of water can be seen on modern women’s bags

ebru bags

Or even on shoes


By the water art technique, even Easter eggs can be creative and original paint

eggs paint


eggs ebru art

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